NASCAR In Talks Regarding Dirt Racing

NASCAR In Talks Regarding Dirt Racing At Bristol Motor Speedway

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What a year 2020 has been for both news and events happening in NASCAR, as new report emerges from Sports Business Daily’s Adam Stern claiming that NASCAR and Speedway Motorsports Inc. are seriously considering running dirt races at Bristol Motor Speedway in NASCAR.

NASCAR, Speedway Motorsports & other major industry stakeholders have been talks about the possibility of running a dirt race at Bristol Motor Speedway in the coming years, reports say, although the discussions are in the early stages.

Speedway Motorsports owner Marcus Smith indicated at bringing the idea to NASCAR last year in on a podcast with Dale Earnhardt Jr., Although the statement was speculative and the topic has not been discussed since. The earliest possible run date of the race is still unclear.

2020 NASCAR Cup playoffs race that fans can attend

NASCAR Teams would have to gain a special package for cars to pull off the race on dirt track However, if NASCAR and other investors were to push hard for the event, sources claim that teams would eventually agree.

The first round of the NASCAR Cup playoffs ends this weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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