Ryan Blaney Bristol Motor Speedway

Ryan Blaney receives backing to win the race at Bristol

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NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton believes Ryan Blaney has the race-winning speed to win the elimination race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Blaney finds himself last in the 16 drivers seeded for the playoffs. 27 points behind the transfer spot, Ryan Blaney will have to win the race at Bristol Motor Speedway if he wants to keep his hopes of winning the Championship alive.

The driver got the backing of Jeff Burton who believes Blaney can win the race.

“I don’t really think that he is going to be able to point himself in, but I think he can win himself in,” NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton said on this week’s Splash and Go. “Of everybody that we’re talking about, he is the guy that I think has enough speed and has shown me at Bristol to have enough speed where he can win this race and advance into the next round. … I think this is an opportunity for Ryan and his team to step up to the plate and find a way in a big moment on a big stage to move themselves forward.”

However, NASCAR on NBC Kyle Petty threw doubts at such prospect after failing to see Blaney deliver this season.

“What concerns me about Ryan Blaney and that team is exactly some of the points you brought up,” Petty told Burton. “They’ve had speed. They’ve led races. They’ve run up front and they’ve given it away in stage three almost every time. They should be sitting here, I feel, with at least three to four wins on regular race tracks. … And they won a (superspeedway race) by about a half inch and that’s all they have to show for their regular season.”

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