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‘Aggressively clean’ — Martin Truex Jr. on his driving style

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Martin Truex Jr. labelled his driving style as “aggressively clean” and said that while he drives aggressively he respects other drivers on the track.

Truex and Chase Elliott drove aggressively against each other due to their they took out each other from winning the race at Darlington Raceway.

However, speaking to CBS Sports, Truex said that even though he drives his car aggressively, he believes that he is a clean driver with respect for other racers.

“Aggressively clean. If that’s possible. I feel like I drive my car aggressive but I don’t necessarily drive people aggressive. I try to respect the other guys on the track.

“I try to race people the way I want to be raced and because of that I think you’ve seen over the years that I haven’t been in many altercations. I’ve made a few mistakes, we all do, and I’ve never intentionally taken someone out for a win.

“I’ve never intentionally taken anyone out period I don’t think I can remember. Maybe once in 2005 in the Busch series. So I would say I’m a clean driver. You know I drive my car aggressively but I don’t race people overly aggressive. I feel like I’m fair.”

Except for the race at Darlington, Truex has found consistencies in his race finishes, even though he might not have won those races. He was quite dominant in the 2020 Cup Playoffs opener too, winning both the stages.

As the last year winner at the track, he will be heading to Richmond Raceway looking to achieve a similar feat.

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