Martin Truex Jr.- "Kyle Larson 'will absolutely' return to NASCAR next season"

Martin Truex Jr.- “Kyle Larson ‘will absolutely’ return to NASCAR next season”

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Martin Truex Jr. spoke in favor of suspended driver Kyle Larson and said that one of the most talented drivers belong in the Cup Series.

Kyle Larson was suspended by NASCAR in April for using a racial slur in an iRacing event. He completed the sensitivity test for reinstatement but NASCAR hasn’t spoken about lifting his suspension as of yet.

A number of people have spoken for Larson’s reinstatement, most notably Stewart-Haas Racing’s co-owner Tony Stewart.

Truex is the most recent person to demand Larson back in NASCAR. Speaking to CBS Sports, the driver said:

“I really would like to see Larson back. I think he’s obviously one of the most talented drivers in any racing period and he belongs in the Cup Series with the best drivers in the world. I think he’s paid his dues and I know he’s done a lot of work to make things right and understand what he did to make up for that. I would love to see him come back. He’s a hell of a competitor and I think he makes everybody on the track better when he’s there.”

Driver suspended indefinitely by NASCAR

Kyle Larson has enjoyed considerable success in sprint car series events since his removal from NASCAR but the Cup Series is where he belongs to. So, Larson’s reinstatement seems a near possibility, especially with the way he has handled the situation so far.

Truex is of the opinion that a lot of teams will jump at the chance of signing Kyle Larson.

“My gut feeling is that he absolutely will because of his talent. There’s just too many teams that can’t say no to that.”

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4 thoughts on “Martin Truex Jr.- “Kyle Larson ‘will absolutely’ return to NASCAR next season””

  1. GRANDVILLE stevens

    I think Kyle Larson is at his best behind the wheel of a race car.He has paid enough. I would like to see Larson back in nascar soon. I hope in 2021.

  2. Kyle deserves to be in Nascar! He made one mistake and has paid for it. You go Kyle. You were my guy since Dale Jr. retired and will be my guy when you come back.

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