Mike Wallace suspended

Driver suspended indefinitely by NASCAR

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NASCAR has suspended Xfinity Series driver Mike Wallace indefinitely for violating Sections 12.1; 12.8; 12.8.1.e of the rule book.

The rulebook for section 12.8.1.e reads:

“Public statement and/or communication that criticizes, ridicules, or otherwise disparages another person based upon that person’s race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, or handicapping condition.”

The driver will now have to attend sensitivity training before his reinstatement.

Mike Wallace suspended NASCAR

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NASCAR did not disclose Wallace’s offensive act that led to the suspension.

Wallace responded to the suspension through his Facebook account.

“You know as I fly across the United States today I’m ready various people’s political views and I have to say a famous four star Military General that I spent time with in the MidEast told me Mike let me give you some advice don’t ever get in a conversation about politics or religion unless you are really smart. I said why do you say that comment His response it’s like being balanced on a single edge razor blade if you slip you will get cut!
Think about that before we all make foolish uneducated post! Moral of this story is most of use just repeat what we have heard we really don’t know.
Have a great positive day!”

Wallace has three Xfinity starts to his name this season.

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8 thoughts on “Driver suspended indefinitely by NASCAR”

  1. What could he have done to NASCAR that is anywhere close to what Bubba has done to the sport. He has single handedly ruined to the core, what NASCAR has always been about. So sad.

    1. Nascar and all of those running it have bowed down to Bubba and all of the other persons and organizations with their tails between their legs. Nascar is a sport and should not be involved in politics or other controversies by “groups” of any kind. All we fans want to do is watch good racing, not hear about all the B S about Bubba and what “HE” wants. It’s like he has taken over and is making all the decisions. Do the fans have to take down their pants to show that they don’t have confederate underwear on?????????

  2. NASCAR is woke, and the leadership of NASCAR is blind to what they have done to the sport. Now they are taking free speech away from the drivers, damn nascar! I wouldn’t want anyone to get their feelings hurt, or start melting away by words.

  3. I love nascar….but bubba Wallace has ruined what nascar stands for. And now all drivers,teams,sponsors,must kiss his ass because if they say the wrong thing make the wrong comment s$%# will hit the fan. Screw bubba Wallace for ruining nascars core.

  4. Keith Williams

    What Bubba has to do with Kyle said? Thanks to Bubba new money is coming into a sport that was starting to die, after Dale pass away a lot of money and fans was going away the stands was not full the field was not full now your sport has a second chance new fans new money so let race for it and buy American cars on Monday again after winning on Sunday

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