NASCAR rules for covid 19

What will happen if drivers test positive for COVID-19 during the playoffs?

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According to NASCAR president Steve Phelps, the sport is going to keep the same rules for COVID-19 for the playoffs as it has until now.

As per NASCAR rules, a positive-tested driver for COVID-19 will only be eligible to race if he can show two negative test results a minimum of 24 hours apart and is cleared by a personal physician. The same rule is going to apply for the drivers making into the playoffs. Speaking about the protocol, Phelps said:

“We’re going to control the things that we’re going to control and understand that the drivers, when they’re coming into the bubble, are going to follow the same protocols that we’ve been following. I would say that if you look at the success that we’ve had to date that the protocols, by and large, are working very well.

“Is everything perfect and foolproof? It’s not, but for us, we’ve been pleased with how it’s gone thus far and will continue to make sure we’re abiding by those rules, and the footprint remains closed and pristine to only those who need to be there.”

So, drivers testing positive for COVID-19 will have to miss the race if they fail the requirement, resulting in loss of valuable championship points.

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