NASCAR is not turning away from ‘evil acts’ by racing this weekend - Bubba Wallace

NASCAR is not turning away from ‘evil acts’ by racing this weekend – Bubba Wallace

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Bubba Wallace tweeted on Thursday that by NASCAR “continuing to race this weekend DOES NOT mean we are stepping down and turning away from the dark and evil acts that have taken place over our nation.”

Regarding The Xfinity Series races Friday night at Daytona International Speedway, the NASCAR Cup Series races Saturday night at Daytona and the Truck Series races Sunday afternoon at Gateway.

Bubba’s tweets came on a night when the NBA, WNBA & NHL did not take part and some Major League Baseball games were canceled, Wallace’s comments Thursday are the first from a NASCAR competitor to address the matter, NASCAR has not issued a public comment on the shooting.

In one of the tweets, he shared: “We will continue to stand for the countless victims of police brutality. Nothing can justify #JacobBlake being shot 7 times in the back. I proudly support my brothers and sisters from all sports backgrounds and the stance they are taking to fight for equality.”

His final tweet in the series stated: “I can assure all of you that myself and many of my competitors are continuing to work hard with NASCAR to continue the efforts and the fight for racial equality. Let’s stand or kneel TOGETHER and continue to push for what’s right. Love. Compassion. Understanding.”

NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace reacts to Jacob Blake shooting which triggered major quarrel



Many athletes across the country protested the police officer shooting Jacob Blake, a African American man in the back seven times. Blake is paralyzed from the waist down, his father stated.

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4 thoughts on “NASCAR is not turning away from ‘evil acts’ by racing this weekend – Bubba Wallace”

  1. If he’s not a racist, why does he only stand up for “black”people? Many “white” people feel they have suffered police brutality, but he doesn’t stand up for them. NASCAR has let his head swell so much he thinks he’s in charge now

  2. He is just trying to get attention, he can’t get any with his no talent driving skills so just play the race card and look at me attitude.

  3. Who made you the spoke person for NASCAR! You have done enough to mess up nascar . Just stop!Start learning how to drive! And learning you are not all that

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