Bubba Wallace not a fan favorite

‘I’m definitely not a fan favorite anymore’ – Bubba Wallace says he didn’t call every NASCAR fan racist

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Bubba Wallace has been one of the standout figures in NASCAR in the past couple of months for his initiative to ban the Confederate flag from NASCAR and his voice towards racial injustice in the country.

However, his actions have not been taken well by all the fans. The hate towards Wallace was evident when fans cheered during his car crashed in the NASCAR All-Star Open. Speaking on the Rich Eisen Show, Bubba said:

“I’m definitely not a fan favorite anymore. The All-Star race, they loved when I was crashed out there on lap 15. At Daytona, lots of Boo’s. So, it’s all good.”

“My name sparks some sort of reaction inside them. Whether it’s good or bad, they’re saying something. So, I’m good with it.”

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Many people called out Bubba for trying to create controversy during the hoax incident. While the whole incident might have been just a series of bad coincidences, a section of Bubba haters are not convinced.

“There’s articles going around that I called every NASCAR fans racist. That’s not the truth.”

“I was asked what I had to say to those NASCAR fans that think this is all a hoax and a joke. To those NASCAR fans that think it was a joke. Yes, it’s their job to deliver hate. They’re not going to see my side of it. They don’t want to see my side of it.”

“Somehow, that got turned into, ‘Every NASCAR fan is a racist.’ I could sit here all day to try and defend myself and it just wouldn’t go anywhere.”

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16 thoughts on “‘I’m definitely not a fan favorite anymore’ – Bubba Wallace says he didn’t call every NASCAR fan racist”

    1. You should have never tried to start trouble in the first place but let’s cause trouble to keep all this hate going

  1. Terry buchanan

    How can one person complain about a flag or anything and get NASCAR to not aloud it at races anymore just because he doesn’t like it NASCAR lost a lot of support

  2. Son you didn’t separate any fans . The sad thing dude I love you and my 4.5 year old grandson loves you. Not because he’s old enough to see your talent behind the wheel and not know what color you are . But going through a game he spotted you and said Pop he looks like me I want to be him . Right on little man Bubba is a awesome guy and I am a Richard Petty fan (blank stare lol ) But instead of a M&M car when he saw @BubbaWallace he found his guy. You’re still his guy and I still got mad respect for you. I just hope I can get far enough ahead to buy a race car for my Ryder and keep the intrest in trying to be like Bubba .

  3. I don’t care what they say I still like bubba Wallace people are going to hate, the media is going to try to pull his strings, NASCAR’s going to try to pull his strings, everybody wants to be politically correct and now they’re using a driver who only wants to race. Now being used as a political pawn it’s a shame but I pray for this man that he continues to be successful to hold his head up and not allow all those haters to take away from who he really is Bubba Wallace Nascar driver Richard Petty Motorsports number 43 and damn proud of it

  4. Sandra Simpson

    You started some of this .and then went on to get the confer.flag remove. Those soldier’s fought just like all the others it was there right to have a flag just like the American flag .but they get put down and stomp on any time something don’t go people way and that’s a shame .if ya going to remove one then remove them all .cause the conf.fought like all the rest .

  5. You, Bubba Wallace, have brought much discord to Nascar. You are to drive the car. Are you not aware of the amount of Confederate flags are visible on any given Sunday? After all, the South is where Nascar began. As for the door hanger, you should have waited for the end of the investigation. Pictures proved your theory was wrong, but you still denied it. Nascar has enough problems right now; they don’t need any help from you!

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