Bubba Wallace & Denny Hamlin to purchase RPM stake; Team to switch to Toyota

Bubba Wallace & Denny Hamlin to purchase RPM stake; Team to switch to Toyota

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NASCAR drivers Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin, alongside Naismith Basketball Hall-of-Famer Michael Jordan will all buy out the stake of Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) as the team will switch to Toyota as a manufacturer, According to UBN.

With the new-look RPM, the team will be racing under affiliation with Joe Gibbs Racing, sources said. The RPM team will also expand to two cars, and Richard Childress Racing’s Daniel Hemric is currently the leading candidate for that second ride.

NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace reacts to Jacob Blake shooting which triggered major quarrel

Bubba has been considering his options for the 2021 campaign, Chip Ganassi Racing (CGR) and their No. 42 Chevrolet ride has been one of those choices for Wallace. According to reports, CGR will be offering Bubba Wallace a final deal next Monday, but Wallace is not expecting it to be what he is quite looking for.

Wallace’s new deal with Richard Petty Motorsports, when signed, is expected to be three years at least and will have him under the role as a driver & team owner with RPM, according to reports.

The terms of Jordan and Hamlin purchasing the stake is reportedly nearing to completion, however there are some final details being worked out. An official announcement on the purchase of stake is expected in the next two-to-three weeks.

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47 thoughts on “Bubba Wallace & Denny Hamlin to purchase RPM stake; Team to switch to Toyota”

  1. Well I think it’s ^^^^^ but the only driver I watch is rowdy. Hemric bad choice never won anything in nascar top3 div.

    1. Since Hemric is no longer an RCR driver, and hasn’t been since the end of the 2019 season, I feel the validity of this story is far fetched at best.

        1. Toyota didn’t kill those teams…if anything they made it possible for them to last as long as they did

    1. I agree, they just throw there money to the right people and rules can change to help them. The worst was a driver can miss 10 or 11 races and win a championship! thats BS.

  2. Bubba Wallace is the Lebron James of NASCAR. It’s not that is a great driver, he just doesn’t know when to shut up and worry about his job as a driver.

    1. If Bubba does what he said he’s going to do well I was born as a nascar fan back in the late 60s but now Nascar well go under soon BUBBA THINKS HE IWNS NASCAR NOW GOD HELP NASCAR

  3. Haven’t you poor saps left the sport yet? If NASCAR’s progress is causing you so much distress, why are you still here?

  4. Patrick Dennard

    No one cares about race bait bubba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He wouldn’t even be in nascar if he wasn’t ^^^^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wish them all the best! This is the future for Denny and Bubba after driving . Keeps them in the sport they love. Congratulations and good luck!???????????

  6. james auto restoration

    keep running nascar in the ground,just shut that ^^^^ down and go back to dirt racing—thats where it is headed to—sad it used to be the place to be—-not any more

  7. OMG, RPM has struggled for years. I would much rather see this team thrive with new ownership than fold with lack of sponsorship. Thank goodness Toyota ruined this sport. Maybe getting Dodge, Pontiac and Buick back will fix everything. Sorry folks, like everything else things change. Unfortunately Dale Earnhardt can’t come back. Now that would make me happy!!!!!!

  8. When will NASCAR open their eyes and see just what they have let Wallace do to this sport. He has single-handedly ruined it for thousands of people. Protest and politics have no place in any sport

  9. You’re correct. I miss the days of hard driving and side by side action. I say it is NASCAR drivers who have become too corporate, meaning they care more about a polished image than actual hard, aggressive, take no prisoner racing. It’s all about money.

  10. After Jimmie Johnson is Gone, I could care less what NASCAR does. Don’t watch any more now, just check the internet to see what the Hendrick boys are doing.

    1. Jimmie is trying to get an NTT Indy ride. Supposedly in talks with Ganassi and a couple other teams for the Grand Prix schedule!

  11. Send Bubba home let Nascar be a sport again. Bubba is going to ruin Nascar like alot of the real superstars of sports have. But Bubba is not a superstar or even a star so quit whinning about blm drive the dam car and earn your respect and place in Nascar.

    1. Damn straight!!! They put Bubba on all the segments now with Harvick,Hammil and all the top drivers. Lilee he has ever done a thing but run his mouth about anything but how people are racist this year!!! Win a race then run that fat mouth!!!!

  12. Been watching NASCAR since wide world of sports have it on Sirius radio but don’t watch it or listen to it any more got tired of the fines , suspension, point taken away, and that stupid rope thing with Bubba blew that way out of per portions should have looked in to it better before saying anything Good luck to them all

  13. I agree 100 percent. I think NASCAR pulls all the drivers and owners strings. Do what I say or go race elsewhere

  14. I think Bubba should try the noose on and see if it fits!! He couldn’t place in the top 10 if he was the only car on the track. All the ^^^^^^ going on in nascar I think it’s funny as hell, I don’t watch anymore but still read the comments!!! NASCARS DEAD!!!!

  15. I don’t have anything personal against Bubba although I think he’s wrong in many ways. My problem is he would NEVER have any of these opportunities if he wasn’t black. He has never won driving anything! I actually think Danica Patrick could drive better and that isn’t saying much. It is shameful that Nascar and Petty are completely catering to the BLM mob!!!!!

  16. I personally think it’s a bad investment for Hamlin and Jordan,Bubba Wallace isn’t a good driver he is below average at best with a 21 first finishing average and a bit dramatic,as forHemrick what has he done,he is about the same as Wallace,the only one in the whole deal that’s gonna come out good is Richard Petty for selling and getting out

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