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‘I screwed up’ – Joey Logano after wrecking Ricky Stenhouse

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Joey Logano wrecked Ricky Stenhouse Jr. car early in the race at Dover International Speedway due to which Stenhouse ended up finishing in the 37th position.

Logano made contact Sternhouse due to which Sternhouse’s car spinned and hit the inside wall. After the race, Logano aplogized to Stenhouse and tried to justify his error.

“I screwed up. I really don’t know any better way to put it. We race each other hard. I was trying to make the bottom work. My car was tight at the two-thirds and I got a little loose down into (Turn) 3 which kind of set me up the race track,” he added.

“There’s a pocket of air that if your front is really close to someone’s left rear tire, the nose really takes off. I’m not making any excuses for the mistake, it’s on me. But I got in that pocket and the nose just really started going. It just started going up the race track.

“I apologize to him, his race team, and the others involved. I got myself in a tight spot and I didn’t do a good job getting out of it,”

Logano finished 6th in the second race of the doubleheader at Dover International Speedway.

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