NASCAR overheating

NASCAR devise unique solution to solve overheating

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After requests from drivers who voiced their displeasure regarding overheating issues, NASCAR have decided to alter the length of the windows of the cars. 

So, this weekend doubleheader at Dover International Speedway will see the change, which is the removal of about two-thirds of the right side window of the Cup Series car. This will allow more inflow of air inside the car and keep the Cup drivers cooler.

After the race at the Daytona road course, Martin Truex Jr. said that being inside the car was so hot, the outside air felt like air conditioning when he got out.

“It was crazy hot. I think probably without that break for lightning, a lot of guys wouldn’t have made it. It’s so hot in these things. I don’t know why we’re running a right‑side window at a road course. There’s just no airflow, none at all.

“I think if you talked to people that are at the track and they’re complaining about how hot it is outside the car and just to put it in perspective, when we get out of the car, that feels like air conditioning. I mean, I can’t tell you how hot it was in there today. Luckily feeling good after the race obviously, and was able to hold my own, but I just think there’s something we could do to make these things a little bit cooler.”

He was not the only driver vocal about the overheating concern. JJ Yeley had to get out of his car after his air conditioning unit failed in the same race.

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