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Kyle Larson has officially requested NASCAR for reinstatement

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According to, suspended driver Kyle Larson has formally asked NASCAR for reinstatement in the Cup Series. 

Former No. 42 driver Larson was fired by his team Chip Ganassi Racing for using a racial slur in an iRacing event. He was then indefinitely suspended by NASCAR.

Larson has already completed the sensitivity race, but his case remains under review, according to the same report. It is reported that NASCAR officials have been in communication with Larson regarding the things he needs to do for reinstatement.

One of the teams that might be interested in Larson is Stewart-Haas Racing. The team co-owner Tony Stewart has been in vocal about the need to reinstate Larson.

“Kyle has done everything NASCAR has asked him to do. I think there are a lot of things besides what NASCAR has asked him to do that he’s done on his own to try to make this right and to try to do the right thing.

“Ultimately, NASCAR has to be comfortable with that. It’s going to be their decision if and when he comes back.”

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  1. Everybody makes mistakes – WE ARE HUMAN! Those judging him as well are not perfect. Show some empathy and compassion for your fellow person and let him back.

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