Tony Stewart on Kyle Larson

Tony Stewart on Kyle Larson: ‘It’s Time For NASCAR To Get Off Their Ass & Do The Right Thing”

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Reports have already been circulating that Kyle Larson could potentially find himself driving at Stewart-Haas Racing if and when he’s ready for a return to the NASCAR Cup Series.

There have been several people who have admitted that Stewart has expressed interest in hiring the suspended Larson, including Robin Miller.

A recently released audio clip of a podcast interview with Tony Stewart from CBS’ Matt Mayer, which was dropped to Twitter, will do little to cool the rumor mill when it comes to Kyle Larson possibly driving a SHR ride eventually.

“The kid was hot in NASCAR and was doing a great job. Then since his problems, he’s got in a Sprint Car and absolutely annihilated the Sprint Car field. So, I think if you gotta pick somebody right now, you gotta pick Kyle Larson,” Stewart explained. “But NASCAR has to get off their ass and do the right thing and give this kid an opportunity to get back in the car. I think he’s paid his penalty…”

Despite Being Evicted By NASCAR, Kyle Larson Is A Extremely In-Demand Free Agent

Here’s the full audio from Matt Mayer Via Twitter:

Stewart-Haas Racing is best positioned to take on the headache Larson provides potential sponsors due to its willingness to place the CNC machining company owned by co-namesake Gene Haas onto entries in Formula 1 & NASCAR.

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24 thoughts on “Tony Stewart on Kyle Larson: ‘It’s Time For NASCAR To Get Off Their Ass & Do The Right Thing””

  1. I agree with tony Stewart NASCAR needs to put kyle Larson back in a car and hopefully it will be a tony Stewart car I’m a Chase Elliott fan but I have always like kyle Larson he is a good driver and a likeable driver we need Larson back

  2. Yes i do believe kyle larson would be good for stewart haas racing he has gotten his punishment i persoally like him and im a big fam of the strwart haas team thank you tony stewart for standing hour grounds.

  3. Jerry Chandler

    I agree he made a mistake an I think he needs another chance at Nascar I’m sure he paid the price for a mistake an learned his lesson pput him back in a Nascar an I hope it’s behind the wheel of a Ford

    1. Put kyle Larson back in the cup cars he’s a very good Driver .he made a mistake but he has paid for it already. Put him back in Nas car he deserves another chance.

      1. John Flattinger

        He should have never been suspended for saying a word I have heard hundreds of black people say on a daily basis. A joke is what it all is get real nascar Tony Stewart you are the realist in the sport and you are a smart man Kyle is a good driver

  4. Go team Stewart!!, Hire Larson you won’t regret this. NASCAR has done nothing right . Look at the fiasco with the Bubba Wallace incident and then the confederate flag. Now that’s an embarrassment to NASCAR if I’ve ever seen one and they haven’t recovered from that. Everyone is still laughing about that. So get Larson back In a car and we will have some normalcy within NASCAR and get more fans back!!!!!!!!

  5. Suzie Buckingham

    Big fan, always have been, but disagree. There’s a lot of guys out there looking for a ride, and not as hard to sponsor. He was given a gift, and blew it. Give someone else a chance. He needs to work his way back up again and really learn his lesson. Not just take a class and say “sorry”. He obviously was given too much too quick. It’s an honor to get a ride, and find sponsors willing to bet their business on you. Give someone a chance who has paid those dues.

  6. Jeremy Ritchie

    I think bubba Wallace should go to the #42 car and then that opens the door for kyle Larson to get the #43 ride and then Stewart Hass switches over to DODGE in the off-season bringing them back into Nascar along with the RPM team being a satellite car kinda like wood brothers and penske and you have the #43 HASS AUTOMATION DODGE DRIVEN BY KYLE LARSON!!! Thats in a perfect world lol!! If not then RPM switches to ford as a Stewart Hass satellite team with kyle larson driving and they set the cup series on FIRE!! Then bubba gets what he wants McDonald’s get what they want as in a good MARKETABLE STEERING WHEEL HOLDER and we get what we want in a winning driver in the #43 RPM car and that is a step in the right direction for the sport!!!

  7. 100% get Larson back in nascar Stewart would be the ultimate sponsor Larson paid for mistake and also this is the boost nascar needs do this

  8. Greg Washington

    Well it’s like this…… The mistakes that cost you the most, teach you the most. But Tony is right, NASCAR needs to stop worrying about politics. I think they need to have a race and it will be called, Run what you brung. If you can go 250 mph down the front stretch and dive off into turn one, well that’s fine. Only rule is that you have to leave your feelings at the hauler.

  9. Cheryl Lupinski

    I Firmly believe Kyle Larson got the short stick in this whole deal. I hope Stewart-Haas picked him up. When NASCAR get their heads out of their butts. Or should I say Bubbas… I been a fan of SMOKE’S for many years. I still have a #20 jacket with tags never worn. Pristine…cond…my prized possession. One of them anyway…

  10. Well said Tony . Nascar definitely needs Kyle Larson back. Nascar needs to stop trying to change history , God can’t even change history.

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