Jimmie Johnson Reveals Surprising Details About His Plans for Next Season

Jimmie Johnson Reveals Surprising Details About His Plans for Next Season

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Jimmie Johnson not so long ago completed his childhood dream of driving an Indy Car. He took part in a test session with Chip Ganassi Racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway about a month ago. However, that was just only a part of his dream. In a major reveal, JJ has now expressed his intention of running 12-13 races in the IndyCar Series next campaign.

Johnson featured on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s podcast – The Dale Jr Download – recently. Earndart Jr asked JJ about his plans for next the campaign since the first part of the process – the Indy Car test, is now completed. The Seven-time Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson will retire from full-time NASCAR driving at the end of the current 2020 season.

“You had an opportunity to get into Indy Car. When does the conversation about racing the car, competing in a event, when do those conversations begin?” Earnhardt Jr asked Johnson. To this, Johnson replied by saying, “We’re out trying to find funds. Literally trying to raise sponsorship funds to run the full road course and street circuit schedule that Indy Car has.”

“That would be my dream world to run 12 or 13 Indy Car races,” Johnson added, much to Earnhardt Jr’s surprise. “You said 13? Wow!” Dale Jr replied.

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After his first-ever test in an Indy Car a couple of weeks ago, JJ revealed that he was more excited than ever to fulfill his dream.

It only lit the fire more. I want to do this more than ever before. It was something new, something different. “NASCAR has been so good to me and I am so proud of the success I’ve had. But to try something new, man, this was really cool,” Johnson had stated.

44-y-o Johnson is arguably the greatest NASCAR driver of all-time with seven titles to his decorated racing career.

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  1. James Hilliard

    Number 1 : #43
    King of Nascar FOREVER is
    Richard Petty with 200 Cup wins
    and 7 championships

    Number 2: #3
    Dale Earnhardt Sr Forever is #2
    With 76 cup wins
    and 7 championships

    Number 3 at best : #48
    Whom has 80 cup wins
    (and been caught cheating and fined more than any other driver Ever)
    and given 7 championships
    And now at 120 races wkthout a win and counting

  2. I’m beyond blessed to have you for my driver I knew nothing about NASCAR racing when I first started going but my husband told me I had to pick a driver so I picked (Lowe’s car) because we always shopped there so I only missed your first year,went to Martinsville for 10/11 years but would always watch it on TV on I know nothing about Indy Racing but I will be following you in your next(new) adventure Good Luck and God bless you

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