"It Was Pretty Nuts for Sure" - Chase Elliott on First Cup Series Experience at Daytona

“It Was Pretty Nuts for Sure” – Chase Elliott on First Cup Series Experience at Daytona

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Chase Elliott recounts the first experience of navigating his way through the Daytona Road Course as ‘pretty nuts’, after his victory on Sunday evening. Elliott was victorious in the NASCAR Cup Series’ debut race at Daytona, edging out No. 11 Denny Hamlin for his fourth career win on a road course. 

After the win, Elliott stated that all the drivers were just trying to figure the course out during the first few laps at Daytona.

“Yeah, it was pretty nuts for sure. That first lap or two everyone was just trying to figure everything out.

“Just trying to understand where we can break. More than just the first lap or two. I mean I was learning things up to the end of the race,” Elliott said to FOX Sports.

Just trying to get sections better and I think there were sections where I was strong in and sections where I really struggled in. Vice versa for other guys too. It’ll be a big difference for me to come back,” he also added.

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Everybody had some notes and some markers and things. They’ll be up to speed way quicker, cars will be better. Everybody will be closer together,” Elliott further explained.

Chase Elliott earned his second 2020 victory in Sunday‘s race at the Daytona International Speedway Road Course with completely no previous exposure beyond simulator time.

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