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Why Ryan Newman wants rain at Daytona Road Course

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The NASCAR Cup Series race at Daytona Road Course will be an exciting race in the Cup Series as not many drivers have experience in the track. Additionally, the difficulty has been amplified as the race will be organized without any practice or qualifying session.

However, for the race with so many unknowns, Ryan Newman says that adding rain to the mix of all the uncertainties will make the race a better spectacle. He said:

“I hope it rains. I hope you add in the extra that we have to bolt on rain tires and we get something that is just spectacular. I hope that. The reality is that could be the biggest unknown that we have. We’re in Central Florida in the middle of August when it pretty much rains every day. We’ll see. I don’t know. I look forward to it.”

If it rains, the race will go through as the rain tires will be available for the race.

Newman is returning to Daytona for the first time after his horrific crash back on February 17.

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