Just In: Erik Jones will not return to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2021

Just In: Erik Jones will not return to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2021

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On NASCAR Race Hub, Shannon Spake reports FOX Sports has confirmed that Erik Jones won’t return to Joe Gibbs Racing for the 2021 season.


Joe Gibbs Racing has decided against renewing No. 20 driver Erik Jones contract beyond the 2020 campaign according to Fox Sports Shannon Spake on NASCAR Race Hub late Saturday Evening.


With Truex, Kyle Busch, Bell and Denny Hamlin all under contract after this season, Joe Gibbs Racing was in a situation where they was damned if he signed Jones and damned if he didn’t.

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ones isn’t in the top 10 because he’s had so many poor finishes in 2020. He’s finished outside the top 20 in nine races.

He got his first career victory in 2018 at Daytona in the July race and then won at Darlington in the Southern 500 in 2019.

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33 thoughts on “Just In: Erik Jones will not return to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2021”

    1. Hendricks racing will loose a lot of fans and respect if they put baby wallace in the 48 car. A slap in the face to all Jimmy has done for them

        1. Wanda Chinners

          I agree-Get Rid of Bubba(Troublemaker) or Nascar is will continue to go down with sponsors, viewers, sales, etc.

        2. Lost all interest in NASCAR since they became ******!! Bubba Wallace also helped ruin NASCAR. I’ll fly my confederate flag through with the sport

      1. Rob Sickler/ USMC

        I’m a huge 48 fan and if they put that crybaby in the that car that’s the day I stop watching Nascar. And I will get rid of all my memorabilia that I have collected the last 20 years

      2. Surely Joe Gibbs won’t waste a ride on Bubb just to try to be pc. I don’t give a dam what color he is. “He can’t drive “.

  1. why the ** would henderick motorsports even consider that **** wallace he a good fit at petty motors they use to not winning like kyle petty lmao he was worse than dale jr

      1. You can’t retire an number in nascar. If you hold the right to the number you can only shelf it for a certain number of years before it has to come back or taken by another team. That’s the case with the number 3

  2. Don’t give a crap. NASCAR ruined racing, not one race watched this year. So it matters not who is what car.

    1. I’m a Hendricks Motorsport fan have been since 1993 and if they put bubba in the 48 I will not watch NASCAR again for one bubba hasn’t even won a race it’s crazy it’s all becoming political

  3. Im just gonna say this…… have always been a big HMS fan. But if Wallace replaces Johnson in the 48….. Im done with NASCAR. Not looking for sympathy, just stating a fact

  4. If Rick Hendrick signs Wallace it would not be good for his teams. Rick might as well shoot himself in the foot and get it over with. NASCAR fans are upset with Wallace and probably turn away from NASCAR. I think ticket sales and fans boycotting sponsors will hurt NASCAR in the pocket. Time will tell.

  5. What baffles me is Nascar is one of the few sports that are actually competing but yet they televise on a cable channel. Why cant they televise on Fox or NBC? I seriously losing interest in the sport have been a fan of Jimmie and sad that he is retiring on such a mess of a season. Would like to see him race one more year so he can properly race with fans giving him the final send off he so deserves. End of Soap Box.

  6. Bryant Rasbeary

    I have watched Jimmie race since he started. If they put cry baby babba in that car, I will never watch another race. They need to retire his number with him.

  7. #Notanascarfananymore

    HMS is looking to lose fans of Bubba gets put in the 48 car. I stopped watching anyway along with several others.

  8. Thomas Bonning

    Talk about Cry Babies, read your comments people. Retire his # , get real , these aren’t jerseys. All the great driver #’s still race. Despite the fear that a black man succeeds in your white sport , get use to it. You and your comments will not be missed in Nascar, Bye Bye

  9. Wallace in the 48, who thought that up? Never gonna happen. If Wallace ends up in anything other than a Petty car, its just something better to wreck.

    1. Rumor has it that the 48 will be retired and Hendrick will bring out the #5 and look for new sponsors and driver.

  10. Why the hell would Hendrick motorsport put Wallace in the 48? My time as a Nascar fan has come to an end, Rick you have always put the best in your rides, why stop now?

  11. Bubba will not succeed.I have been watching him come up through the ranks. He does not have the driving skill, courage, or mindset to win.

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