Keselowski: NASCAR Standard Has Dropped significantly "Nobody likes it I can tell you that"

Keselowski: NASCAR Cup Series Standard Has Dropped significantly “Nobody likes it I can tell you that”

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Brad Keselowski says negotiations over his future with Team Penske was delayed as the “bar” to reach the NASCAR Cup Series has “lowered significantly”.

Keselowski has renewed his contract with Team Penske into 2021, ending rumors that he would leave upon the expiry of his current deal after earning his third victory of the 2020 campaign at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The 2012 Cup Series champion has already qualified for the playoffs and his team has proven to be just as strong as those of Kevin Harvick (Stewart-Haas Racing) and Denny Hamlin (Joe Gibbs Racing), who have dominated the series so  far with nine victories between them from the 20 races to date.’

We’re on a path right now’ — Chase Elliott’s view on NASCAR’s direction

When asked about his “silly season” experience this year, Keselowski stated some different perspectives.

“It’s certainly been much different than years previous in my career,” Keselowski said.

“Nobody likes it. There’s nobody really winning, I can tell you that.

“I still have a great job, a lot of people don’t have a job at all.

“I don’t think what they want to do is hear me whine about mine.

“But then again, I do recognise if my contract had fallen differently, I would probably be in a much better place with respect to when it ran out time wise.”

“The landscape is very strange, not just because of the virus, but I think one of the things that really stands out that’s changed the landscape is the threshold or the bar, so to speak, you have to pass as a driver to be eligible for the Cup Series,” he said.

“It’s been lowered significantly since I’ve been a part of the sport.

“That’s starting to bring a wave of kind of paid drivers, so to speak, drivers that pay for their ride.

“That really does a lot of damage to the contract market when there’s drivers out there that are willing to pay for your ride, let alone you getting paid.”

Bubba Wallace emerges as favorite to take over Kyle Larson former No. 42 Chevy ride

Despite rumors that the 36-y-o could return to Hendrick Motorsports or join Chip Ganassi Racing, it was revealed that Keselowski will continue his Penske allegiance into the 2021 season.

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39 thoughts on “Keselowski: NASCAR Cup Series Standard Has Dropped significantly “Nobody likes it I can tell you that””

  1. As long as NASCAR have decided to back a Marxist purely ***** hate group and think that we are so stupid we do not know the difference I will never watch Nascar again and will root for its demise

    1. NASCAR lost me after9/11. Tailgating was a regulated thing after that.. Then the Black Lives Matters BS. Confederate Flag removal BS. Shit that happened way before any of Our Time on this earth.
      Get ya some Pedalcars see how that works for youns…

    2. Sports used to be my escape from politics and the BS the media spewes every day, but now it’s being forced down your throat at every sporting event. I’m done with all of it. ?

    3. Had old pictures of Lee and Richard Pretty racing on local track against my dad and uncle. NASCAR has forgotten about those fans never again will I watch another race, sad after 45 years as a race fan in these days of cookie cutter cars and driver’s it not a big lost.

    4. Had old pictures of Lee and Richard Pretty racing on local track against my dad and uncle. NASCAR has forgotten about those fans never again will I watch another race, sad after 45 years as a race fan in these days of cookie cutter cars and driver’s it not a big lost.

  2. Not sure I have all the facts, but if standards are lowered it will allow less talented drivers like Wallace to “compete”.

    Let’s hear from one of the greats…… Dale Jr.

    1. You realize 30+ drivers take the green flag every Sunday every year since the history of the sport and Dale Jr is 30th all time in wins? Facts > bias

    2. Jerry Benfield

      ****** moonshiners started racing that turned into Nascar and looks like rednecks will end racing if they keep playing the race card. It’s not fair to chase and all the young drivers . All drivers standing behind bubba l hope they lose their ride also………..


  4. Bobby Chestnut

    Since the Stage Races remind me of the old “Roller Derby” sport….where the red team would win the first stage, then the blue team would win the second stage, then they would go all out for the final stage, I stopped watching as much.
    I actually watched a NASCAR race, The Daytona 500, for the first time in a couple years and was disgusted to hear the conversation between the Toyota drivers and them being told to “Lets just run at 60 percent in this stage and we will try harder in the last stage!” I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RACING!
    I am 70 but still race in a series, The 24 Hours Of Lemons, which is a lot of fun and very competitive, while of course not on the level as NASCAR. But believe me, every driver in those races are running as hard as they can trying to win, EVERY LAP OF EVERY RACE. That is what racing is supposed to be and what NASCAR should get back to.

    Now throw in getting rid of the Confederate Flag but letting the Marxist BLM logo and flag to be shown, let alone catering to actually believing that a “noose” was put in Bubba’s garage (not just in his but all of the garages) was the final straw. I actually worked for three NASCAR Teams back in the 80s thru 2004, but now, I don’t watch ANY races and could care less. Shame on you NASCAR for turning your back on your fans, your heritage, and the USA in general.

  5. Keith Strickland

    I will not watch any pro sports in the future. All caved and decided to ignore the fans that make their sports possible. Pro athletes get paid exorbitant ammounts of money for a part time job. When the decision was made to ignore the fan base they deserve what happens. Maybe the reality of decisions that were made will become relavent when all of the whiners have to get a real job.

  6. Nascar has gotten so bad I can barely make myself read nascar news. Haven’t watched a race all season and don’t plan on watching anytime soon either.

  7. I’ve been a big NASCAR fan my entire adult life. NO MORE!!!! They’ve allowed the ***** ****+ Bubba Wallace to eviserate the entire series!!!! What a bunch of ***!!!!

  8. Done with all professional sports after watching for decades. My country and the ones who have died defending it means so much more to me.

  9. Katie Angellotti

    I used to work the Nascar races when I worked for nextel, then merged with sprint. For 5 years straight I was there in the pit with the drivers in order to help fix there phones. I seen the ropes back then and asked the crew and the pit drivers what the ropes were for. Stated that they were for the garage doors. So if I knew that back in 2008 u mean to tell me Nascar didn’t know , BS… 15 FBI agents for what ? A publicity stunt. I hope it was worth it. I loved Nascar now ill never ever support them again. So sad…. ?? disappointed in everyone involved. Then buba Wallace added fuel to the fire with that half as apology. Acted like a complete ***. Don’t forget Bubba your half ***** too…. I will not support a so called movement that murders and destroys everything in their way. I hope your taken off the air

  10. I’m done with all professional sports!
    There is nothing American about kneeling and supporting BLM rioters and socialists at sporting events, that is not why I watch them!

  11. Yea I’m not watching with banned flags and on people kneeling. That’s not how NASCAR fans where taught. If they change their standards it doesn’t mean we have to change ours. We can still stand proud to be an American and choose not to support this or any sport that caves in to that. I sense.

  12. It was a fight on the track that put Nascar on the map. Now they have micro managed it into a polital bandstand like the nfl. They even dictate that what the fans can display. This will only cost them in the long run. Pandering to a few will cost them many. I for one can’t watch it any longer and I used to go to them all the time.

  13. Who really cares NASCAR is dead you can stick a fork in it. They support a Marxist organization and betrayed a fan base that made it the most watched sport.
    I never wanted politics in my beloved NASCAR which I grew up watching with my Dad. I do glad that he isn’t here to see what NASCAR has become.


  14. When I was a boy running around the infield at Darlington and Rockingham, some of the best memories were made with my dad. 25 years later all the bubba Wallace flag rope BLM ****** making its way into the sport I loved has ruined it for me. NASCAR is lost, and it’s lost me as a fan.

  15. Jeffrey Scott White

    Thank you NASCAR for all the positive changes, keep up the good work and lets go racin boys!

  16. I read through the remarks and saw a lot of “no more sports for me” and “bye NASCAR” yet they are on a NASCAR page complaining….are they are looking for is attention. **** and move along because no one cares..

  17. I am a long time , die hard NASCAR fan and I am a Deplorable. While I don’t like the way NASCAR has handled this political circus, I still enjoy the on track racing. If I quit watching everything I don’t agree with, I wouldn’t be watching any sports at all.
    Racing is what I want to watch and the great thing about a DVR is I can fast forward thru anything I don’t want to see.
    I don’t want NASCAR to fail, I simply want the racing to remain.

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