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‘We’re on a path right now’ — Chase Elliott’s view on NASCAR’s direction

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Chase Elliott believes that NASCAR is in the right direction of “simplifying things” regarding the changes NASCAR made after the resumption of the season in May.

Speaking with hosts John Roberts and Chocolate Myers on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s “Tradin’ Paint”, Elliott said:

“I think we’re on a path right now that is really what NASCAR needs,” he said. “I see a lot of it. To me, we’re simplifying things, which is something that I think needed to be done for a long time. I think as NASCAR grew, I think it kind of overgrew it’s shoe size a little bit over the years and we overcomplicated things.”

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NASCAR has been organizing races without practice and qualifying since the league resumed after the hiatus created by the COVID-19 pandemic. NASCAR also held a number of midweek races. It has also cut down the size of the crew members.

Speaking about those changes, Elliott said:

“Yes, that can be more work, but I think what it has done is allow more crew members and myself included, I think everybody has an extra job or two, and I think what that has done is brought us closer together and brought more of that short track mentality of a small group of people that are more diverse going to the racetrack each week,” he said. “It brings you closer together because you have to work closer together to make sure everything is done and done at the level you want it to be.

“I just don’t see the need of practicing three hours every weekend. I think that is just ridiculous and way too much. I mean, heck, I think a lot of guys, Chocolate you’ve probably seen this, you go back to where you started (with the setup in practice) half the time anyways, more than half the time.

“Show up, you’re giving your best stab at what you have the most confidence in when you get to the racetrack on a Friday for practice anyways, so why not go ahead and start the event and see what you have? There is no better practice than a race and you don’t get your report card until the race is over anyway. Let’s just give our best effort in what we believe is fast and if it’s not, we see it right then and there and we can go to work on trying to improve.

“I’ve only heard one person complain about less practice, but I have a pretty strong feeling if they had won a few races by now they wouldn’t be saying less practice either. I think for the most part, it’s been a big time solid.”

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