Frustrated Kyle Busch Yell 'Let's F****** go home' After NHMS Wreck

Frustrated Kyle Busch Yell ‘Let’s F****** go home’ After NHMS Wreck

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Kyle Busch’s 2020 Cup Series horror-show continues as race Sunday went about as bad as possible for the defending NASCAR Cup Series champion who is still-winless in 2020 season.

Busch who had a tire go down and hit the wall early in Sunday’s Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The Incident brought out the caution on Lap 16 of the 301-lap race, Busch will finish last.

As the team discussed the damage over the radio, Busch radioed: “Let’s F****** go home” He drove the car to the garage. Crew chief Adam Stevens requested someone from Goodyear meet him in the garage. Busch made contact with the wall shortly before the tire went down and caused the incident.

The 35-y-o is winless in the first 20 races of the season. This equal the longest he’s gone without a victory since joining Joe Gibbs Racing back in 2008.

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Busch was evaluated and released from the infield care center, and afterward, he detailed what had happened:

“I blew a right-front tire for some reason. I have no idea why. Way too early in the going for anything to be wrong or even to build enough brake temp or brake heat. I don’t know. Just hate it for our Pedigree team and the fight that we’ve been having this year seems to be continuing.

“Last time I was here in a Pedigree car, we blew a right-front tire for no reason as well too. Just seems to be our luck with the Pedigree scheme for some reason here at New Hampshire. It’s still 2020, but sooner or later we have to turn this stuff around.”

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Kyle Busch team’s crew chief, Adam Stevens, wasn’t too pleased either after and directed his frustration at Goodyear tires.

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31 thoughts on “Frustrated Kyle Busch Yell ‘Let’s F****** go home’ After NHMS Wreck”

    1. Kyle Bush is such a cry baby grow up kyle your always b—-ing and crying about something just retire or quit

  1. Every body knows Nascar and Goodyear sucks. That what they get when they don’t allow practice, a bunch of wrecked race cars and passed drivers

  2. I’ve never liked him. He and his brother are egotistical, pompous and rude. I think they think that they are ENTITLED. I wonder if their parents are proud of their children’s behavior ?

    1. He is passionate about what he does and when Dale Earnhardt was doing the same not one word was said. He’s a champ and he expects and deserves champ respect.

      1. I like the way he drives he has that eye of the tiger. I agree no practice is hurting ,all y’all badmouthing him WISH that y’all could drive 1/2. As good as him??

  3. Timothy Shallenberger

    Cry,cry, cry and when your done crying people will be happy as we are so tired of hearing you cry about something every week, retire or quit if that’s all you have to do is cry!!!!

  4. Vickie Mahaffey

    Wounded what his son thinks of him using that language. And why don’t him and his crew chief get find for bad action. NASCAR is a joke I don’t even watch it any more.

  5. Remember when everyone said “anyone but Jimmy and anybody but Jeff” Well Kyle baby it’s your time in the barrel get used to it we all get old…….!

  6. Edward Stanford

    If he had not hit the wall, the tire probably would not have blown. Stay off the wall cry baby and take the blame.

    1. I’m not a KB fan by any means, but he hit the wall AFTER the tire blew. Duh!! You can clearly tell the car darted toward the wall when the RF tire went down. They generally do that when a RF goes. Try steering YOUR car when a front tire goes down at 100mph+. Just sayin’…

  7. Richard Eicher

    Kyle is a winner. The defending champion. He has car control talent equal to the late, great Dale Earnhardt. I understand the frustration. A run of bad luck. Your win is coming, Kyle!

    1. When a person can’t come up with an Intelligent comment. They ALWAYS criticize grammar. Guess they have to get their mommy to read it so they can understand what was written.

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