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‘I don’t know where all my stuff’s at’ — Dale Jr on his missing trophies

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While Dale Earnhardt Jr. might have never won a NASCAR Cup Series championship, he has a number of trophies to boast about during his career.

He 26 Cup Series wins and 24 Xfinity Series wins to his name, along with two Xfinity Championships to his name. Add to it 15 Most Popular Driver trophies, Dale might have a big cabinet to fill.

However, he seems to be unaware of the location of all the trophies he has had during his career. Speaking on the Dale Jr. Download, he said that he doesn’t know where all his trophies are, and he wants to build a case to hold all of his trophies.

“Kasey Kahne took a picture in front of his trophy case, and he had built this giant trophy case. And I think Kyle Busch has one very similar. It’s just full of trophies. And I was like, ‘I want to do that!’ And you know why? It’s because I don’t know where they are. I don’t know where all my stuff’s at.

“And honestly, I bet that there’s some missing pieces. I got trophies just laying in my basement. I need a shelf that holds them all — all 26 Cup trophies, all the most popular drivers, all the XFINITY trophies. And I would love to do that to be able to understand what I’m missing and find out where that stuff is. Like man, where is everything? It’s all over the place. I’ve got some trophies here, I’ve got trophies all over my property. Some are in the Hall of Fame. I don’t know if I have all of them. Goodness.

“Imagine if you were [Kevin] Harvick or any of those guys, or Denny [Hamlin], with 40 or 50 wins. What do you do with all of them? And I think [there is] the anxiety and concern of where they all might be or maybe one’s missing. I don’t know.”

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