Kyle Larson Opens Up About NASCAR return - 'I could win a lot of races like I am right now'

Kyle Larson Opens Up About NASCAR return – ‘I could win a lot of races like I am right now’

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Suspended Driver Kyle Larson remains keen in a NASCAR comeback, though he stated he hasn’t explored the options for a return to stock cars.


“Well, I’ve been so busy just racing pretty much every day of the week that I haven’t even had time to work on anything, but I would love an opportunity if it came,”  He said in a interview MRN Winged Nation

Kyle Larson has focused solely on dirt racing since his indefinitely suspension by NASCAR and losing his contact at Chip Ganassi Racing for using a racial slur during an iRacing event back in April.

He currently has 20 victories in 34 starts with a worst finish of sixth while dominating through Pennsylvania, Ohio & several other states to race in various sprint car series and some USAC midget events.

Bubba Wallace makes statement on controversial Kyle Larson incident

“There’s a lot to weigh and stuff, and there’s nothing that’s come up, either, so I haven’t had to make too many tough decisions or anything like that,” said Larson, who will turn 28 Friday. “But definitely if the opportunity was there, I’d love to give it a shot to get back and prove to the NASCAR world that I am a great race car driver, and I know if I got the right opportunity, I could win a lot of races like I am right now.”

As only one of the drivers of Stewart-Haas Racing is under contract after the 2020 season, Kyle Larson seems a viable option to replace one of the drivers if his suspension is lifted.

Will NASCAR Lift Kyle Larson Suspension?

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109 thoughts on “Kyle Larson Opens Up About NASCAR return – ‘I could win a lot of races like I am right now’”

  1. chrome cowboy

    If I was kyle larson I wouldn’t return to nascar after what they did I donot think he needs the money. I think he has been enjoying him self and how he has been wining and spending so much more time with his family and the fan interaction

      1. mark pennington

        my thoughts on this everyone has slipped and said something totally out of context and it happens if there had been something behind it id say no he shouldn’t be given a chance but come on let the boy race

    1. He enjoyed the money from Nascar. No money in dirt racing. If you win alot like he dose, you can make a living, but that’s about it. Not anywhere close to what he was making in Nascar.

  2. If Kyle were to tattoo “nascar” on one cheek and “blm” on the other, nascar might in their benevolence see it clear to re-instate him. He could possibly be their new poster boy instead of Bubba. He is probably better off where he’s at–he’s having fun, winning and has very few ***** to kiss.


    1. Dennis Plaster

      You never said anything *****? Give this kid a break he made ONE mistake and everyone wants his head. * NASCAR for dumping him. Their product today sucks especially without a driver like him.

      1. These are the same fans who turned on the Dixie Chicks for having an opinion several years back, right, squashing their blossoming careers? Thought so. He should get a second chance for sure, but I don’t hear any regret or remorse coming from him, and that more than anything will keep him out

        1. Kyle should not have to beg. NASCAR wants to be a social judgement organization rather than a race sanctioning body.

    2. That conversation was on a PRIVATE channel between the driver and spotter… It’s unjust what’s happening to Larson….

      1. Put him on a top notch team and he will be awsum everyone makes mistakes give him a break it’s crazy one little mistake and to be punished like that suspended wow

      1. Must be nice to have never made a mistake. How’s the air up there in the land of the perfect? Not defending the action… but I know damn well that if it weren’t for 2nd chances no successful person would be where they are in life. Obviously you are the exception to that…

      1. Charles Posejpal

        Hope he is allowed to come back and show his old car owner what a mistake he made by letting him go.

  4. Don’t think they should lift *****, he said it, he should pay the price, anybody else would have to deal with it, why not him.
    *******if you ask me, only happen again.

    1. Keith Bainbridge

      He has paid the price!! Bubba has done even worse with BLM and Rebel flag!! He’s ruining NASCAR

      1. Stay where your at and enjoy your raceing. NASCAR won’t be around much longer anyway. Did you look at the stands last year, empty. You made a mistake and your boss through you to the wolves for money. I guess his car dealership isn’t doing very well either. Don’t know that for sure. *— NASCAR .

    2. Mike every one gets a nother chance if not we would not have any drivers or crews can we name a few who hit his wife who took drugs even you Mike are a sinner

    3. I’m sure you’ve never done anything wrong in your life time he’s shown remorse for his mistake

      1. bubba Wallace is ruining NASCAR he should be taken out of a car because he’s *****. I wanted to stay he’s going to make nice car go by blaming people is not going to watch it with that a

    4. Three is supposed to be free speech in the United States, why in the hell should a man lose a job for saying a word someone doesn’t like. Niggers have been niggers for 150 years, why should it change now?

  5. Who in this world is perfect, and had not said something they regretted? Can any of the France family say they haven’t? How about Bubba Wallace? Kyle deserves a second chance people!

  6. phil smithers

    Larson and the Confederate flag belong back in Nascar. I work in construction, along with many varied nationally kinds of people. these have my respect and support. Unfortunately, I work in Memphis which has a surplus of *****.

  7. He sa8d nothing more than what Wallace had called him before. I’m sure Wallace has used the ***** more than once toward the ****drivers. The blacks call each other ****** every day and he’ll I’m white and I get called it about it everyday. Nothing but a slang word and people push it for money. It’s a b7nch of bull. Wallace is not ***** anyway he has a ***** dad but to show him his funding would be cut. My Thoughts , Thank You

  8. Johnny lovejoy

    I know for a fact you are the very best out there Kyle Larson don’t care if nascar or dirt you do an awesome job buddy !!!! But I think I would’ve threw in a few championships too !!!!!! Just sayin

  9. They should, everyone makes mistakes. let the person who hasn’t made any mistakes throw the first stone like the Bible says!!

  10. Kyle Larson could fit in with any team. Just give him a pre-dinged car and send him out on the track.

  11. David Jennings

    I say lift the ban and let him race You put him in timeout it’s time to let him come back

  12. Food for thought………..Richard Petty would not let a BEER Co. sponsor his Race car………………

    1. It all right too be called Uncle Tom or Honky if you are white but to use the N word you can lose your lively hood. Even if said in a joking matter or privacy of your own conversation with someone. Blacks call fellow Black’s the “N” word all the time when they have disagreements.

  13. Corey Strickland

    Kyle Larson…..everyone needs a second chance, hope you go to Stewart Hass Racing love to see you in a FORD now Nascar don’t screw this up, don’t let one of the best young drivers just go away because of a mistake, Nascar you’ve already screwed up bad enough don’t mess this up……Stand up a little.

    1. NASCAR has destroyed itself and continues to do so even more with stuff like this. He made a mistake and said something that he is not supposed to say but others can say it and sing about it but for Larson he cant say it. Nascar is so wrong for suspending him for saying a word.

  14. If I were Larson I wouldn’t give NASCAR the time of day especially Chip Ganassi. He is a great driver in any type of car and should stay where he is happy and respected.

  15. Royal Brannon

    Stay where you are nascar is nothing more than a joke I’ve always watched nascar forever but last few years is a joke you are racing in the best stuff in the country I know cause we are doing it every weekend local tracks is where real racers are appreciated much love best of luck

    1. Who cares about Nascar anymore.
      Find out where your local tracks are.
      Support your home town racers.
      nascar is no different than the NBA OR MLB OR FCC ETC.

  16. Wasn’t it Kurt Busch that beat the **** out of his wife some years ago, and was suspended. What’s worse, That or the word. Larson is gonna end up running for Stewart/Haas. Steward loves sprint cars and this setup would most likely allow Larson to run both sprinters and NASCAR. The part of this that I don’t understand is how ***** people can use the word in every other sentence and think nothing of it, and when its used by anyone ***** or not of *****, the s……hits the fan.

    1. That was his girl friend and it turned out she was crazy as hell and she made everything up and was Exposed for her lies and yes nascar viewed him guilty before proven innocent

    2. If i remember correctly Kurt was Acquitted on charges. The claims were not validated and shortly after she was exposed for many things and sent to prison.

  17. People there’s n…… in every race, people need to learn the meaning of the word. It’s a dirty and uncultured person. This world needs to get past a word and concentrate on reading history.

  18. Dan Porterfield

    Jesus said forgiveness is Devine, just because others want to be politically correct and are afraid to say what they really want to. I say
    Forgive him and let him race ,the bigger *****
    Are the ones that can’t forgive or they are just afraid that he’s going to win more races then them.

  19. So, if I understand this fully, Bubba Wallace made a ***** comment in anger against a ***** woman- was fined- and life went on as usual. Kyle Larson made a ***** comment – in jest- with a team member and lost his job indefinitely. Do I have that right?

  20. I would not blame Kyle if he told NASCAR just where to stick it If Bill France was still here it would damn
    sure be difference…. Ron Maynard, was a NASCAR FAN SINCE THE 1960’S………

  21. Stay were you are you will be happier I have been into nascar all my life and I hate to say it but ever since dale passed the sport has gone right into the toilet to many bad decisions by nascar on were to take the sport I only turn it on now to take a nap and now that they are all totally pc and trying to wipe out where they came from might just start watching drag racing

  22. Like seriously so what if the kid said the word and all you hear about is BLM. So I’m supposed to tell my Kids that their lives don’t matter cause their not **** GTF out of here

  23. NASCAR needs to provide a road back for this young man ( Kyle Larson) that made a mistake. Much of Nascar runs on Christian principles. A plan of redemption and grace would be the appropriate thing to do.

      1. Nascar is boring, the racing is 98% boring unless 2 guys are racing the last 5 laps door to door. An A Main at Knoxville there is nothing better. About 5 years ago I watch KL and Brad put on a show on this dirt track in Western ohio. Have been a fan since them. Hope he never goes back to boring nascar.

  24. Kyle never go back in life go foward. Go to indy cars they are comming back in a big way.Nascar is run by *******.


    This young man was part of NASCAR’s diversity program. He is Eurasian, Japanese and American, why cain’t we just move on. If someone said ” Gook”, “Slope”, Slant eye” or ” Jap” would all this shit be flying? Just saying stoking the fire does not help.

  26. Brent Bentley

    If Kyle is wise he would not return to Nascar but instead race in Tony Stewart and Ray Everinghams new series next year. Just keep doing what he is doing for now!!

  27. No its not that serious! If you yourself have never made a single mistake, never said something inappropriate in a joking manner, or never regretted saying something then perhaps you can say that and congrats on being the only perfect person in the history of the world!! I’ve spent my life at racetracks involved in many aspects of the racing business and I can tell you it is absolutely one of the least ****** places in the world. Noone gets offended, its safe, fun, welcoming and respectful to all. Even an atheist would respectfully bow their head and be silent during the prayer out of respect for others. I csn tell you the pit area is no place for uptight, mundane, easily offended folks. So many people are so Hypocritical acting perfect putting on a show in front of others, and majority of the time those people are truly the worst people. Was it unprofessional yes, however he was not in a professional situation and what was thought to be in a private conversation. Other’s can completely disagree with him and they can be right because we are supposed to be a free country although many are fighting to take that away. If you choose to not like him for it great! That’s your right and I support your right to an opinion however your opinion should not dictate what a car owner or sanctioney body does. You can choose to cheer against him! Race doesn’t matter in racing, if you can win those large purses you will get the job. At one point in time that was not a racist word. How can it be okay for one race to use the word but not another. That is racist. Our current society is creating ***** by twisting everything into it. There is no true racism and what happened in the 1800’s was wrong. We can all 100% look back and agree it was horrible and wrong, but it was the norm then and it wasn’t just African Americans it started with thr Irish and noone alive today knows anyone who knew anyone that had anything to do with it. Everyone needs to quit being so offended and worry about themselves!

  28. Reggie Strickland

    Why don’t they just leave Kyle alone.He did not say anything that meant anything.Bubba Wallace can bite the big one.And Richard Petty is not any better.

  29. Electric Michael

    Absolutly correct…its okay to say and do what ever you want if you’re *****. There I said it for you. WLM too.

    And a FLAG is just a FLAG. Maybe he actually needed to learn the HISTORY of the Confederate Flag instead of running his big mouth. He has ruined the Petty Legacy for long time “SMASHCAR” fans.

  30. A total overreaction!! He apologized, Until we stop hearing that word in music all the time and in public places where it doesn’t seem to offend lots of *****, it honestly shouldn’t be this big of a deal. Bubba could have said it and it wouldn’t be a problem!! Hell, he did worse and got a personal sponsor deal out of it!! Are we a selective 1 strike and your out country now? Seems that way… Been a fan since 1972…. Done for now!!!

  31. Kyle has served his time for saying something that is so controversial but yet used on daily bases by certain people. If the word offends people then it should be banned by EVERYONE not just selected people. Bring Kyle Larsen back! The sport needs him, especially Team Chevy!

  32. Y’all are all over NASCAR for him losing his job. His sponsors fired him! They drive the bus. NASCAR will let him back, but who’s going to sponsor him now?

  33. John Flattinger

    I think the whole thing is ridiculous guy loses all that for saying something I have heard ***** people say all the time get real

  34. His suspension was justified for a time but not for this long . Ive pretty much gave up on NASCAR haven’t watched a race for awhile and probably won’t until Kyle is back

    1. Its a color. Thing. No guts nascar had addopted the flag banning 5 years earlyer never inacted it. Along comes the only half black driver in nascar. Who demanded the flag be removed from all events. Nascar jumped on the banning of the flag. Makeing bubba the bad ass. Nascar in now being run by many weak minded people. Why was this not inacted afew years back.
      Could it be the loss of revenue would of hit you in your profit . Shame on you for allowing this to happen. Allowing a car with the blm logo on it was raciest as hell. For bubbd being half black and white his dam car should of read ALL LIVES MATTER period. Also weak minded nascar leaders your harsh action on kyle larson is just another dumbass move on your part. With the flag- kyle larson stunt hows your profit now? ??? with nascar!!!!

  35. I think NASCAR should allow Kyle to come back to racing.He is a great driver.So he made a bad choice in his words,but am sure Wallace has said some pretty ugly things also ,NASCAR just has not caught him yet.Kyle works hard at racing and I think NASCAR was just to hard on this young man.Nascar needs Kyle Larson.

  36. I believe that what has happened to this man is way out of context!! Should have been a suspension. NOT A TERMINATION !!! NASCAR needs to give this man another chance. Awesome driver and competitor!!! WWJS… Forgive!!! As for the flag. They are not waved to make a statement against ***** . It’s part of American history, Just as what’s happening today will one day be history ,….

  37. Jackson KENDIG Scott

    Who cares anymore. Been going to Nascar races since I was ten yrs old at Darlington. The races suck except restarts and last 30 laps. Has lost its roots. Racing is for people who can bring sponsors not who is the best driver anymore. Danica Patrick and Paul Menard are some of them. Days of old was great racing when stock cars where real not designed by Nascar. oh yeah I am now 64

    1. Jackson KENDIG Scott

      Says my comment is awaiting moderation does that mean it has to be approved by Nascar

  38. I haven’t watch NASCAR since they booted Larson! and since they banded the confederate flag . I will not watch NASCAR any more! I have been a fan since the late 60s ! Sorry to say that NASCAR is going to lose their *** over this ****!

  39. After everything that NASCAR has done in the past couple months has ruined the series. Soooooo many people have stopped watching NASCAR because of all of the stuff that’s happened with NASCAR, it all started with Larson for a ***** reason. NASCAR is DEAD!!!!

  40. Must be nice to have never made a mistake. How’s the air up there in the land of the perfect? Not defending the action… but I know damn well that if it weren’t for 2nd chances no successful person would be where they are in life. Obviously you are the exception to that…

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