Matt Kenseth Bubba Wallace

Matt Kenseth sends Bubba Wallace off the track at Kansas Speedway

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It was not a memorable night for Bubba Wallace at Kansas Speedway as a half-spinning Matt Kenseth’s car put him out off the track.

It seemed like Ryan Preece’s No.37 Chevrolet clipped Kenseth’s No.42 Chevrolet which was running losing fuel. The No.24 spun and the approaching No.43 Chevrolet of Bubba Wallace made contact with the spinning car as a result. The incident broke the right front suspension of Wallace’s car and he couldn’t finish the race. Kenseth finished 17th.

Kenseth said over the radio that he had a vibration in the rear and he was trying not to get run over.

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104 thoughts on “Matt Kenseth sends Bubba Wallace off the track at Kansas Speedway”

  1. Will Bubba “Crybaby” Wallace pitch a hissy fit over this “intentional crash”? Maybe he throw a piece of fender at Kenseth’s hauler. Or get on TV and whine about something. Petty Motorsports is a joke.

    1. Well there’s another costly car to going down the drain for petty Enterprise that’s about time getting rid of yo

        1. Steven Hackle

          Tired of all these mean old white men chasing poor little “bubba” around that mean ol’ track…just give him a trophy because he deserves an oscar!!!

          1. He grew up in the era that everyone gets participation trophies. He’s probably mad because they missed his.

        2. If he had been up close to the front he wouldn’t have been wrecked. He just can’t seem to get there

        3. You can rest assured that if had been one of the old experienced drivers they would have never wrecked. The would have hit the inside apron and kept going.

      1. How bout Bubba throw the car in a slide to avoid Kenseth ? Oh forgot , thats what a real driver would do ,,OPPPs

      2. Hope every race bubba participates in ends in a him in a *****. All drivers should just take turns putting him into the wall.

    2. Richard Smith

      **** bubba crybaby Wallace and nascar traitors fir sure sad times for the petty family how do you get rid of apos that’s under contract

      1. Robert J Henrique

        Shouldn’t have signed him in the first place. He’s not even good enough for the truck races.

    3. I useta love NASCAR but when they got involved with political bs I stopped watching it along with Football , Basketball and baseball
      let China support them and the hate organizations

  2. How the hell do they blame Kennseth. ? The car got from under him with a little air push but Wallace was behind him and ran into Kennseth. Kennseth didnt run into him. Really?

    1. Bummer doesn’t do anything wrong….. don’t worry though he has a ride for life…. he’ll be there longer than STP

  3. Crybubba will get more TV time from this. He has no talent other than being *****. NO respect for Petty for being a media puppet

      1. Maybe they should let bubba start first in every race. Then let’s see how far back he ends up !! Just an idea to keep it fair for him…

    1. Does anyone other than me realize that technically Bubba Wallace is owned by White man? Think about it.. he drives a car owned by Richard Petty who also has him under contract. Therefore he is owned by an old southern white guy.

      1. Lol !!! totally true we are all owned by, who ever we work for, must be the rich people!!! Doesn’t matter what color we are, we all slaves to the rich man!!! But yea that’s some funny **** right there!!

        1. William Smith

          Actually you are not owned by anybody , iys called free enterprise, capitalism , you can quit at any time . But that comment was funny and Bubba, who I use to like , until the race card ns .

  4. Bubba is hoping NASCAR becomes pro affirmative action.
    Being **** caused systemic learning to drive hurdles.
    Bubba will now start with a 2 lap lead as reparations.

    1. mike brewer, dude if they give old no drive 2 laps for reparations that ust means he will wreck sooner. lmao

    2. Robert J Henrique

      NASCAR need s all its fans and if this keeps up they won’t have any and it is not fair to the other drivers . I’m not a big fan of Kyle Bushe but I would prefer him over bubba because of all the bull shit he has started over that door pull. He just couldn’t let it go even after the FBI said it was nothing. No he had to get the tears and the hugs from Petty and hang out of his window and sob on the roof of his car. PLEASE give this guy a trophy for his performance at least. Richard Petty you got him you own him, THE TOKEN BLACK DRIVER FOR NASCAR.

    3. Bubba is just as good as a lot of the other drivers that hasn’t won a race since they started racing. What about them. O we know why

  5. From what a little birbie very familar with the Petty Organization has told me “Still Hear Say, but interesting none the less if true.” Nascar funds the Petty Team. Richard was leaving Nascar years ago right after Dale died. Nascar approached and pleaded for him to stay due to the impact that 2 giants leaving the sport at once would have on Nascar. Richard was supposedly told they had the team and driver and all he had to do was be the face. They call the shots and Richard is the pawn. He wants out “Since right before the Bubba Hype started” according to my previously mentioned friend, but Nascar won’t let him leave due to contractual obligations.

      1. Steve Tire rub

        Well they let Petty win his 200th with an illegal big engine, so why not let Bubbus have one also for a few weeks to let him look improved.. BLM big liter motors help poor racers

    1. I agree it is no fun watching it anymore with all the BLM and crybaby Wallace them taking away the conferate flag I will never watch it again to much crap going on

  6. Love how the title paints this as Kenseth’s fault. We get it Nascar, you hold Bubba up there as your token that you aren’t *****. Enough is enough. Rubbing is racing, get past it.

  7. Johnny Lawson

    Bubba and Nascar are a big joke i have been a fan for over 40 years now I want spend a dime on it good racing I watching Kyle larson in world of outlaws

    1. Larry L McDaniel

      have not watch Nascar since they change the points system and 3 prts to the rasce it’s bout a joke now , next thing you see will be turn singles and brake lights

  8. Nascar will probly fine Mat for doing what driver shoud do every chance to Nascar dont have the guts to get rid of the chocknellia.

    1. If Petty blue wants to ever see victory lane again they should hire Kyle Larson to replace Wallace! Now that would be a headline?

      1. I bet a lot of teams would love to have Kyle Larson, but they are all politically correct. I am sure some of the Outlaw drivers would like to see him go back also, he is tearing it up with the sprints. Watched my first NASCAR race on Wild World of Sports in 1959 I was 11 years old, I was hooked on stock car racing. Junior Johnson won that race in a 1959 Chevy. I can no longer tolerate NASCAR I am now 72

    2. FYI…you shouldn’t use words that you can’t spell. The correct spelling is Choconilla not “Chocknellia “ You shouldn’t try to use such big words if your vocabulary isn’t enhanced enough to share them. Your ignorance shows in every possible way.

  9. Gordon Broske

    Fly the confederate flag it is and always will be the symbol of nascar if it offends people to bad they were never fan anyway! Wallace is just a whiner and a loser ??????????????????

    1. Dude you need to go jersey off into a stars and bars. Youbare such a little baby trying to defend your LOSER flag.

      1. Tammie Julian

        Win or lose…the Confederate flag is part of your history also….learn to live with it…..

        1. Robert J Henrique

          Yes it is a Battle Flag win or loose and it should be regarded as such . It is apart of HISTORY.

    2. The south lost. Your flag is for losers. Get over it you inbred redneck. You need to shut up, you’re embarrassing your family. I know your father-brother taught you better! And from the looks of it, Bubba’s doing a hell if a lot better than you!!! ?

  10. That was racing ‘thing’. Kenseth got turned by the air flow and spun down track. Bubba had no where to go. But Petty needs a different driver to win races. I don’t know about that NASCAR pays Petty to race. Do you know that it costs millions to run 1 team for a season. NASCAR has the money yes I’ve been a NASCAR fan for 50 years and I hate to think Petty would do that.

  11. Some of you people are stupid as shit. I have been a nascar fan all my life. I don’t care about your politics let’s race. And I’m a 54 year old black man. Shut up and race.

    1. Amen thank you I’ve been wanting to say this the whole time… No I’m not a ***** man but my god alot of these comments are **** as hell… Let them race mistakes are gonna happen no one is perfect… If you don’t like the driver then ignore it no need for the dumb comments made period… It’s Nascar nothing to do with politics… Again thank you for saying what I was going to lol

  12. In slow motion, watching the white line on the track and the angle of Bubba’s car, he went up the track a foot into Matt’s car. Increasing the severity of the impact. If Wallace would have steered down, the impact may have been a more side slapper as the Wallace car began to spin. Thus, the Right front suspension may have been saved instead of taking the brunt of the impact. Going up the track a little made the angle of Wallace’s car hit Matt’s car more into the drivers door with the right front.. Yes, the accident happened fast, but it was developing for a few seconds before Wallace got there… Where was the spotter? What did Bubba, think he was doing? Good reflexes and proper reaction? Nope… Just saying…

  13. These are the most ****** comments I have ever heard in my life! Besides that fact…I don’t think any of you even read this article. No where does it say anything about Wallace being upset at anyone or blaming anyone. I used to like NASCAR but never knew how ****the world of racing is…shameful!

  14. I don’t understand the nowhere to go comments. I see the 43 trailing the action with a clear view of it all and he stays on his same line. He doesn’t even flinch to the inside where there was ample room for him to go.Looks more like a “close my eyes and hope for the best” move.

  15. Cory roberson

    Wow who got all y’all ***** people so angry today? Chill it’s just NASCAR. It’s not that deep at all. A lot of you have way too much hate in your hearts. Go listen to some gospel and relax.

  16. Albert Barrow

    Most people are talking about RPM and bubba, but no one is talking about the driver that Petty let go for bubba. Aric Almirola has showed Richard made a mistake. Bet he’s still laughing all the way to the bank.

  17. Anthony Gellinger

    Ol mad *** dudes. Mad at the only African American driver in the sport because they got their ***** flags banned. Keep showing your true colors.

  18. Walter Johnson

    I know what would solve all the problems Richard hire Kyle Larson and keep Bubba and than and if Bubba has atissy thanconsider dumping Bubba if He bring up BLM again !!!!! Who knows maybe Kyle can teach Him a few things !!!!! This would make US fans alot happier and may save nascar

  19. How bout Bubba throw the car in a slide to avoid Kenseth ? Oh forgot , thats what a real driver would do ,,OPPPs

  20. One more time, the other driver is White, he did this on.purpose, its Trump’s fault and I need to pay retribution.

  21. The headline doesn’t even fit what actually happened.. SMDH Is NASCAR trying to kill their own sport??

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