Kyle Busch disqualification Xfinity

“Too Much B******t That You Gotta Go Through” – Kyle Busch on disqualification

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Kyle Busch’s car failed post-race inspection in the NASCAR Xfinity race due to which his 98th win in the Xfinity Series was stripped off.

Because of Kyle losing the win, the second-placed Austin Cindric was awarded the victory. Kyle was not very happy for the decision and claimed that there is “too much b******t” that he has to go through.

“Too many levers, too many things, too much b******t that you gotta go through. It pisses me off, we come out here and race. Run hard and score a win. it gets taken away from you and it’s because of nothing we did.”

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Kyle has made it clear that he would quit racing at the Xfinity series after getting his 100th victory in the series. He is currently on 97 victories after the disqualification. Kyle remarked jokingly that the reason for the disqualification is because NASCAR wants him longer in the Xfinity series.

“There is nothing I could do about it. So you gotta move on. I don’t know; I guess NASCAR wants me here longer.”

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58 thoughts on ““Too Much B******t That You Gotta Go Through” – Kyle Busch on disqualification”

    1. He commented saying there is to much BS you have to go through everybody else goes through the same thing so stop crying.

      1. Shirley Louma

        The rules are the same for all drivers! Always acts like he is special. Says they did nothing wrong?!?! If that is true they would not have taken the win away from him. He just wants to win, doesn’t care about the younger drivers getting a chance. Pretty bad when a high schooler has to “play” with grade school kids!!

        1. Just rookie of year in 2005, series champion in 2015 and 2019. Over 50 wins in the “varsity” series, I think that’s pretty good record

    1. Donald Hauenstein

      He has no business in ether one of those series,he only does it because he can’t win like that in the top! He thinks he’s God gift to nascar! In reality nascar should park his ass!

    1. Kyle needs to quit being a cry baby he is a good driver but he blames everyone else when things arent going his way.

    2. By far hes not.the best driver in nascar.” Dale.Earnhardt ” was the best and will always be the best driver in nascar

    3. Donald Hauenstein

      I’ll bet Richard Petty could still kick his ass in a 60s or 70s car where you had to drive by the seat of your pants!When Kyle loses its the car’s fault or his crews fault never his!

      1. Richard Petty couldn’t even beat Austin Dillion in his prime. 150 of his so called wins were on horse tracks with only 15 to 20 drivers and they were local nobodies.

    4. James Reynolds

      Also the biggest baby. Every other driver has the same rules as him. Great driver, big baby.

    1. Dylan Tesnear

      I think Kyle and Bubba wallace are step brothers or something! They both cry when they get wrecked or lose the race and if its not about either of them then they have to make it about them! I mean be real one can’t tell a garage door opener from a Neuse and the other one always says his car didn’t live up to his standards to win the race! Its never the driver always the car!

    1. Shane Bintliff

      I believe that if cup drivers drive in lower series events that they should not earn any money. If they win first place money should go to the second-place driver

  1. Eric Wendlandt

    Thats not true. By him running his 5 races he brings much needed sponsorship to the team for the young guys

    1. M.E. Bridgers

      It use to be like that, but now the small guys run pretty much the same place as cup, so folks are already there. It cost a lot to put a team at the track, motel, food ect, the pay out is sooo much smaller for the infinity and trucks that all they can do is go from race to race, Kyle (cup champ) makes more for appearances than the winner of the race makes, then gets that too. It’s like the Superbowl champs playing a local h.s. team, he’ll, he should win, same with trucks. It takes away a guarantee play off spot for all drivers. I know the younguns like racing him, but, something about it just not right?

    2. Donald Hauenstein

      If that was the case why don’t the cup drivers that own teams help them win?Kyle lets his drivers run his old cars while he goes out there with a brand new car and beats them,how is that getting them sponsors?

  2. It must make him feel like a big man when he goes into a lower series and wins. It’s like a major league pitcher going back and winning a minor league game

  3. Charles Wheeler

    Why can’t the infinity car owners and full time infinity drivers vote on if they want cup drivers in their series I understand it takes lot of money out of their series but is it worth it for infinity drivers to learn from. I am sure cup drivers lose money even when they win but it helps for cup race. If infinity wants cup out that should rule.

    1. First of all owners and drivers have no vote. Xfinity racing is owned by Nascar. If there wasn’t something interesting in a Xfimity race who would go to watch? When Busch or any other Cup driver races it helps the attendence greatly.

  4. Michael Roderick

    He puts more money in and gives more drivers a break than any other driver in Cup. Maybe you should get your sh”t straight. He brings in the money so up and comes can get a chance. Let’s look at the list of drivers Kyle has helped bring up.
    Bubba Wallace
    Erik Jones
    William Byron
    Christopher Bell
    Riley Herbst
    Gilliland, Burton. The list goes on and on.

  5. Not a KB fan but, a 1/16”=0.062 I would think nascar would be taking into consideration the tire wear which most definitely would have a direct effect on height after the race. Also after the tires cool the pressure drops, maybe they should be putting a new set of tires on before post race inspection and verifying proper air pressures before measuring. Lastly if you are a full time cup driver why go back to win against the young guns, that’s just a means to feed that fat ego!

  6. James Franzen

    I watch Xfinity racing to see the up and coming young drivers. When I tune in on a race and see Kyle Most of the time i just turn it off. I don’t want to see Kyle or any other Cup driver racing and until the change the rules ill keep turning off Xfinity !

    1. Yea, and I suppose you go to minor league baseball games to. Just to see the up and coming ball players.

  7. Lok kinda funny that a “pro ” driver
    Complains about being disqualified
    For cheating go figure
    And also if your sooooo great Kyle bitch
    Then why are you racing in a lower tier racing with rookies
    18 years old learning the ropes
    Is it because you have such low self-esteem that you need constant gratification to boost your little ego

  8. Charles Crass

    You and your team know the rule everyone pushes them to the limits every race. You got caught admit it like a man and move on drama queen.

  9. I don’t care how bad people talk bad about you . you just keep doing what you do . i think you’re the bomb

  10. I think you’re the bomb. The hell with all those things people say . just a touch of jelluse people to much hate in the world

  11. Cup drivers in Xfinity is part of the package. As previously mentioned sponsorship, and give the up and coming a chance to race a cup driver and improve their skills. Let’s the Cup team owners see how that up and coming stacks up against a Cup driver.

  12. Robert Hatfield

    We need a new racing organization that wants to go back to the old ways. Best car and driver wins.

  13. Absolutely, he’s competitive against children but not so much in the big leagues, plus he’s a whiney little baby

  14. Before kyle busch, there was Mark Martin with the most Xfinity wins! How was his ego? Cup drivers have been driving in these series’s since they have been around. If you hate Busch fine. But you all are being a bunch of ******! Drivers gotta drive! It’s what they do.

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