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Possible way to determine the starting lineup for NASCAR Playoffs

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NASCAR has been determining the starting lineup for races through a random draw since the resumption of the races on May 17. However, there might be a little tweak to how the starting lineup is determined for NASCAR Playoff races.

Due to the circumstances created by the pandemic, NASCAR has been organizing races for all its series without practice or qualifying. The starting lineup is determined by a random draw under certain criteria. However, there might be a little change in how the starting lineup will be determined for the 2020 NASCAR Playoffs. Speaking to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, Senior Vice President of Competition Scott Miller said that NASCAR could consider all the 16 playoffs team as one group and make a random draw for the lineup.

“We’re kind of reviewing now what would be the right thing to do in the playoffs if we can’t have qualifying. Maybe still some kind of a draw, but obviously, probably something that encompasses the playoff cars in one lot and the rest of the field in another. Haven’t really gotten there yet, but we know that once the playoffs come we may have to adjust the way we draw if we aren’t practicing and qualifying.

As for now, NASCAR divides the team into four groups based on owner points. The first three group consists of 12 teams each and the last four spots are for open, non-chartered teams.

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  1. Millie Dearman

    Don’t like the way you doing the line up seem to me that ever week you all put Ford’s on the front it seems fishy. Millie Dearman

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