Bubba Wallace booed

Bubba Wallace booed at NASCAR All-Star Open and cheered after crash

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While Bubba Wallace has been in the midst of all the changes that NASCAR has gone through in the past months, he seems to have gathered fans who don’t like him in the process.

Bubba Wallace has been the frontrunner for NASCAR’s ban of the Confederate flag last month. He has also been very vocal about the racial injustice in the country, urging other drivers to speak out on such issues.

However, for all his deeds, the driver of No.43 Richard Petty Motorsports’ Ford seems to have gathered haters along the way. It was evident in the NASCAR All-Star Open at Bristol Motor Speedway, which hosted around 20,000 fans, the largest since NASCAR’s resumption.

Bubba Wallace was one of the 21 drivers contesting in the NASCAR All-Star Open to get one of the three spots for the NASCAR All-Star Race. According to The Associated Press’ Jenna Fryer, Wallace was ” booed when he was introduced, and many cheered when he crashed”.

Wallace finished in the last position due to the crash.

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10 thoughts on “Bubba Wallace booed at NASCAR All-Star Open and cheered after crash”

  1. Why was “Bubba” not penalized for refusing to wear a mask? He flaunted the fact, and said he wanted everybody to see his smile

  2. Haha what did Nascar think was going to happen,..stop catering to the cool and trendy fake political stunt..Nascar if you keep this path,I’m afraid we will all be watching Tony’s new *** series….Head out of ****…Steve

  3. robert scruggs

    if Nascar is allowing a BLM car then it needs to allow the flag , Either bone are both. I have sold ur gave away everything Nascar I had. I am saying goodbye to what was a great sport until Nascar decided to political agendas

  4. Andy Guevarez

    NASCAR hasn’t been NASCAR since the passing of Dake Sn. They certainly aren’t doing anything to win back hardcore fans much less new ones and this current course of action isn’t going to help. Stop catering to the BS political climate and bring back REAL RACING!

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