Superstar Racing Experience confederate flag

Tony Stewart’s new series will ban the Confederate flag too

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Set to be launched next year, a new racing series called Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) will ban the presence of confederate flags from its future competitions.

NASCAR banned the presence of confederate flags at its events last month and the new series is set to follow the lead.

According to CNBC, an SRX spokesperson said:

“We are going to be an inclusive series with drivers and fans from diverse and multinational backgrounds. We will not condone activity or behavior that creates an unwelcoming or offensive environment for any of our fans or drivers.”

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The short-track focused series is not being created to compete with NASCAR, according to one of its creator Tony Stewart but rather to provide fans with something that they have been “asking for”.

“We are not going head-to-head against NASCAR, we’re not running on the same nights as NASCAR. It’s not meant to be competition for anybody. It’s meant to bring a product that’s a demand that the fans are asking for, fans want to see.

“This is a perfect opportunity for a lot of drivers like myself to be able to get back, compete against each other in a diverse style of racing.”

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