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Racing since he was 12, racer wants to succeed at NASCAR

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20-year-old Keenan Tully, who has been racing since he was 12 wants to make a transition to NASCAR in the future for which he is planning on moving to North Carolina.

Working as a mechanic for Team Lotus that runs cars in Formula One, Tully was invited for a race at Patriot Motorsports team for a weekend in 2018. Since then, the driver who has won 17 trophies wants to make it at NASCAR. He said:

“It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was 12, driving a racing car, but then once I actually went over there and raced with them I knew that NASCAR is what I’ve got to do now.

“So ever since then I’ve just been planning my move over there.”

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He has also gone through weight-loss to cope with the g-force of the cars.

“A couple of years ago I went through a big weight loss journey, when I was 16 I weighed over 18 stone and I lost six stone in 10 months.

“I did that to carry on my racing career, because to drive these cars you have to be fit and quite strong because they are quite harsh to say the least.”

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