Clint Bowyer All-star Tweet Sparks Bubba Wallace

Clint Bowyer All-star Tweet Sparks Bubba Wallace Controversy – Ain’t no damn way

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With just under one week remaining before the final votes are tallied on July 14, NASCAR tweeted a list of the top-10 vote earners on Tuesday leading the pack is Bubba Wallace leaving one driver not so pleased.

Second place driver Clint Bowyer tweeted his frustration basically claiming he was unfairly voted out of first place due to favoritism towards Bubba Wallace.

Ok team. I fully intend on racing my way in like always. BUT!!!!!!! There is a competition here, and somehow, someway, it shows that someone else’s army is stronger than mine.

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The winner of the All-Star Race fan vote automatically earns a spot in the NASCAR All-Star Race field and will be announced following the All-Star Open.

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45 thoughts on “Clint Bowyer All-star Tweet Sparks Bubba Wallace Controversy – Ain’t no damn way”

    1. Gloria J Knudsen

      I’m sorry but I’m with Clint all the way. NASCAR racing has changed an soon there isn’t going to be a spot anymore. The Fan’s are walking away.

      1. Reginald Ohlinger

        Bubba Smollett doesn’t even deserve to be racing after his ***** comments about the simpleminded Nascar Nayion fanbase! His noose hoax should of gotten him banned from Nascar but Nascar his currently ran by a far left ****** that is going to destroy the sport we all use to love!#GOLARSON

    2. It’s sickening to me that a man’s color gets him into the NASCAR Allstar
      race and not merit. But, that’s the new NASCAR

      1. shoes before you make your opinion we are treated differently but you don't understand you to busy judging.

        You see that’s the problem a man color should not get him in Nascar if society would treat everybody the same we wouldn’t be talking about color of the skin. Clearly a lot of racism on this Nascar site against Darrell Wallace.



      1. Bubba wacks and all this crap is out of hand, ^^^^^ has nothing to do with it, Bubba can’t drive period and he is playing this out to the max.

        1. Donna DONNELLY

          I have given up Nascar. Clint Bowyer seems to be a good guy. Bubba is using the race card to get attention and that is just wrong. Danica was a better driver than he is was was liked better than him. He is not a popular driver and that is what this is supposed to represent. NASCAR IS DEAD TO ME.

      2. I personally have no problem with bubba – or his race – I am white, have lived many different places, had /have friends of every race, religion and orientation !!! I have bi-racial grandchildren —- so I am in no way any kind of pregidious !!!! I believe in treating others how you want to be treated !!!!! All that being said—- the fan vote should be for someone who has fought hard to get there and just came up a little short — not because of anything else !!!! Clint has fought and fought to be a great race car driver and deserves to be in this —- bubba tries hard too – but he is not the same caliber as Clint!!!!! VOTE BOWYER INTO THE ALL STAR RACE !!!!!!

      1. Considering Bubba Wallace called NASCAR fans are all stupid in an interview last week who is voting for him

  1. Clint Bowyer is true blue Nascar and he has raced his ass off to get where he is and I don’t blame him 1 bit for being pissed off about the whole Bubba Wallace situation. Bubba shouldn’t even be a Nascar driver he can’t drive !!! You never see or hear about Bubba in any race but this race war starts and Bubba jumps right in the boat with them and gets **** started in Nascar about the Confederate flag and ‘I can’t breathe’ So Bubba takes it further with the noose. Bubba Wallace will not go down in History as a great Nascar driver. I hope he takes advantage of the situation hes got himself into because its all hes going to be remembered for. If he wins the popular vote it will be *******!! VOTE BOWYER!! SCREW BUBBA

    1. Nascar is getting to where there suck. First suspending Larson and now the Bubba Wallace thing. I haven’t watched Nascar si cell Larson was suspended and don’t intend too!!!

    2. Michael r Gordon

      That’s Right Bubba
      Bubba Cant Drive A NasCar
      Or Any kind of Race Car
      He always wrecks and hits the Walls Burns his Brakes Out
      Never Wins a Race the Only
      Race he is Playing is the Race Card.

    3. I will never ever watch another NASCAR race …… it’s big corporations that are doing this and guess what….. I will never buy another product from them! Good luck big sponsorships !

      1. bubba can’t drive race card is all ha has. gonna boo him just like I boo busch see u in Daytona crybaby

    4. Your wrong you heart about wallace every race when he brings out the caution flag for another wrecked race car.

  2. My dad raced with Darrell. From Owensboro when he first started I raced when I was younger and have been a fan for a long time I’ve been to a lot of Nascar races. After this I will never go to or watch another race.

    1. Ronald Grove

      I voted for Clint and as it went through. It told me thanks for voting for Bubba. It rigged. Bubba just retire.

    2. NASCAR sucks anyway. Go support your local track. That’s where you will find true drivers, not someone just put in a car because of the color of their skin. NASCAR calls it DIVERSITY, I call it BS.

  3. Judith Samuels

    Bowyer has my vote!!! Bubba is a disgrace to NASCAR and has destroyed it by his ****** tirades.

  4. Bubba Wallace couldn’t drive a grocery cart! Bow down to the ***** man Nascar you won’t get one more di.e from. Me and all my extended family! Losers!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Everytime I try to vote for Clinton it changes my vote to Bubba. I have tried 10 times. This whole system is rigged to give it the to worst driver, non winner, lying ***! Bubba doesn’t deserve it. Clint is getting railroaded! It’s totally fixed. Disgusting and I’m no longer a NASCAR fan. Go back to **** or at least before Bubba ruined you!

  6. NASCAR fans are you aware that Bubba Wallace called us all stupid in an interview last week.This is a NASCAR Fan Favorite contest .Clint all the way if mot him anyone nut Bubba

  7. George Fincham

    I can’t believe Bubba is winning this.Iuse to like Bubba before all this bullshit went down.I really hope Clint wins this.

  8. 1. Clint posted that tweet to ask his fans to step up and vote, nothing more, nothing less. He and Bubba are friends, ride Harleys together, there is nothing to this folks.
    2. Just like Nascar with the Bubba incident, this author is trying to make something out of nothing. (quit falling for the race baiting folks).
    3. Bubba got his job much the same way as Danica, Juan PM, Suarez, and even Joey Logano too. They were all hired as marketing tools, their driving skills had little to do with it. They were hired to target a specific audience, either by their gender, race, and or age groups. Joey is the only one that has succeeded in their marketing endeavors.

  9. Terry Karrick

    I know Clint from his Lakeside days and good friends w my brother Tim Karrick! Clint worked his ass off to get to the big time and one hell of a wheel man . Budah is playing this ******** to the hilt. Budah needs to quit, You can’t Drive Boy!!

  10. James Hatchell

    I was a Ricky Rudd fan for ever when he retired Clint Bowyer reminded me of Ricky hard *** take no bull from know one Clint u got my vote take that to the Bank

  11. It is a shame nascar has turned into another far left tool. If bubba could drive a race car it might be different. He was a has been before he started. It is obvious nascar is losing their fans even before covid. They have lost me. Go Clint

  12. I agree but this is the way it is. People like Wallace uses his race to get extras. You know that not many blacks are into nascar. I wonder if it’s because Michael Jordan is backing him

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