Nascar Grass Root Racing

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NASCAR Grass Root Racing was a starting point for many of todays NASCAR drivers. Many NASCAR drivers got there start at some local hometown track that’s full of Saturday night racing fun. Some tracks like Hickory Motor Speedway, Myrtle Beach Speedway, South Boston Speedway holds endless history of family tradition.

These tracks along with many more at one point in time use to have Busch Grande National series to race. but some drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr and Denny Hamlin and William Byron learned how to race at these tracks. Jr Motor Sports has a few drivers driving in the late model division for a touring series called The CARS Touring Series. That race every weekend at different local hometown tracks, Kyle Busch Motorsports has few cars in the division as well. Along with many more local drivers as well to.

These guys work hard every single day to have there car ready for Saturday night it takes a team of hard working and dedicated people to get these cars ready even while still carrying a day time job. The blood. sweat and tears goes in these cars for the fans every week. And these hometown guys outs on one heck of a show every Saturday night. Racing along side these teams drivers are the local late model drivers giving there hardest to bring home that win. And these local drivers have raced there for many years and are waiting for there time to shine.

These are amazing drivers and there very humble people. These guys have everyday jobs to support there small racing team, they don’t get paid, they volunteer there time to help these drivers on there cars. best thing about these guys. They don’t care about the money, its all hard work and dedication and its come from long line of family traditions and its a way of life for them. When Saturday night rolls around. all there hard work and dedication are on the line.

The stands are full of fans and the pits are full of competitors. The drivers get strapped into there cars. Driver start your engines, and the cars file on to the track, the green flag drops and the race is on. side by side action for several laps. Drivers true talent are coming out. hard racing action all night long. and when final laps closes in, these driver will get more aggressive and use there bumper. checkered flag waves. there coming out turn 3 and 4 and second place car sticks the bumper to the leader and takes the win. while the driver does his victory lap. Some fans are cheering and some fans are booing, but that’s just part of racing excitement!

And that what’s make Grass Root Racing so wonderful. So next time your are bored on a Saturday then head out to your local track and makes memories with your friends and family that will last a lifetime!!

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