Justin Allgaier NASCAR Cup Series 2020

Justin Allgaier sheds light on preparation to replace Jimmie Johnson

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Justin Allgaier, who is set to replace Jimmie Johnson, said that Hendrick Motorsports had already prepared a set of pedals for him before the pandemic.   

Allgaier was appointed as the driver to replace Jimmie Johnson, who is set to miss an indefinite number of races after testing positive for COVID-19. However, the situation will not come as a surprise to Hendrick Motorsports as Allgaier revealed that some preparations were already underway for the driver. He said:

“Earlier in the year we had seat belts and pedals and basically an entire set of gear ready and waiting for me that if I have to drive one of their cars I could just fit in in any of their cars.”

He also shed light on the preparations that are underway.

“They did unload the car last night and move everything around to make sure that my stuff(custom parts) was inside the car. In the morning I’ll have to jump in and set myself in there, make sure I’m comfortable in the car. The process is long before we can get to racing but it will be fun.”

Allgaier’s first race as Jimmie Johnson replacement will be the Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday.

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