Jimmie Johnson ‘heartbroken,’ also worried for his daughters

Jimmie Johnson ‘heartbroken,’ also worried for his daughters

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Jimmie Johnson became the first NASCAR Cup Series driver to announce he had tested positive for Coronavirus on Friday and will miss Sunday’s Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday 5, July.

While he knows it won’t be easy to watch the race on Sunday from the sidelines — the seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion has never missed a race throughout his whole career.

Jimmie Johnson is worried about his two daughters:

“My biggest concern right now is for my children,” Johnson said on Saturday, via the Indianapolis Star. “Of course we’re being very responsible right now, at home, trying to self-isolate, but at the same time, trying to parent. That’s a really tricky hurdle, trying to sort out right now, while managing their fears.

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“They can’t come around Mom and Dad, and we’ve got to feed them and, at the same time, are concerned about passing on the virus. We’re trying to be as healthy as we can, but I’m heartbroken seeing the fears in their eyes watching them try to manage what’s going on right now.”

The news wasn’t, and isn’t, easy for Johnson to accept. But, given what’s happening around the US, the 44-y-o knows he can’t get too down about it.

“2020 has been interesting, there’s no doubt about it,” Johnson said, via the Indianapolis Star. “I can be down and out about my situation, but if I turn on the news and see how this virus is impacting so many others, quickly I’m thankful that I’m asymptomatic and don’t have any other issues.”

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