Brad Keselowski to sign contract extension with Team Penske

Report: Brad Keselowski to sign contract extension with Team Penske

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This is the last year of Brad Keselowski’s contract with Team Penske and the extension talks haven’t progressed yet. However, according to Sports Business Journalist Adam Stern, both sides are likely to strike a deal.

There have been rumors that Keselowski might replace Jimmie Johnson as the #48 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet driver after Johnson retires at the end of the season.

Stern tweeted:
 People close to the team think that the sides could still eventually strike a deal — though Roger Penske may try to negotiate new terms first.

In an interview with Motorsport, Keselowski spoke about his future and the desire to race further for Team Penske.

“Well, I know winning never hurts. I wish I had more news, but I don’t. So, yeah, winning is not a bad thing. I hope to continue to compete at a very high level and be able to win races for a long time.

“We’ve got a race win at a major on a team that’s really just starting to click together. This team has a lot of potential. My goodness, on pit road, they were on fire. They put us in a spot to win.

“I hope that I get to take and make something of that for years to come. But it’s not all up to me. A lot of things have to come together, whether it’s sponsors or whatnot, management things. That hasn’t happened yet.

“I hope it does because this is my 30th win at the Cup level with Team Penske. That’s pretty special. I think I got another 30 left in me. I’d like to have the chance at that.”

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