NASCAR to finally use "choose cone rule" in the Cup Series

NASCAR to finally use “choose cone rule” in the Cup Series

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For years NASCAR Drivers and supporters have petitioned for the installment of a “choose cone rule” in NASCAR, and the organizing body is finally putting the concept to try it in the Cup Series.

Choose cones are used for non-NASCAR short track racing events around the state. They allow drivers to choose the lane which they wish to restart in. However, NASCAR only gives that choice to the driver in the first place, every other driver must restart based on their position, with odd numbers on the inside and even numbers on the outside.

The All-Star Race event at Bristol Motor Speedway which is set to take place on July 15 will feature a choose cone rule, according to The Athletic, which also stated NASCAR is set to make the announcement Wednesday.

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“I would definitely be for (the choose cone),” driver Martin Truex Jrsaid in May after a night of frustrating restarts from the inside lane at Darlington. “I think it’s a good option. I think it works well on the short tracks where they do it. I think with this rules package that we have at bigger tracks it would be something that as drivers we would all be interested in.”

The report did not suggest whether the “choose cone rule” would be tested in the All-Star Open, a qualifying race held before the All-Star Race at Bristol.

Joey Logano: “Every meeting that I’ve had I’ve always brought up the choose rule. Let’s do it. I see nothing bad that it can bring. It brings another strategy to the table, it’s definitely something to talk about. You don’t have luck becoming involved. … I tell you, if I see a bunch of 12-year-olds do it in the Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway, I’m pretty sure all of us could figure it out.”

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The July 15 NASCAR All-Star event was moved from Charlotte Motor Speedway to Bristol Motor Speedway due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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