NASCAR loses sponsors

Top Tier says NASCAR is “dying off”, withdraws their sponsorship

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Top Tier, an apparel brand that sells custom-designed t-shirts, flags, sunglasses, among other apparel products decided to terminate their sponsorship in NASCAR.

The company said that they were not withdrawing their future sponsorship because of NASCAR banning the confederate flags but because that they believe NASCAR as a sport is declining. And they believe it is not worth it from a business point of view.

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They said through a statement on their website:

We have decided to withdraw from any future sponsorships in NASCAR. We see the sport dying off, and we hate to see that as we have grown up being NASCAR fans and have a lot of friends that are drivers in NASCAR. We will always continue to support our close friends in the sport but from a business standpoint we have decided to end the relationship with NASCAR.

The company has not served as the primary sponsor for any driver in the NASCAR’s top-three series this season, with their last major sponsorship coming for Max Tullman’s No. 42 Toyota Supra for MBM Motorsports, last April at Talladega Superspeedway,

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5 thoughts on “Top Tier says NASCAR is “dying off”, withdraws their sponsorship”

  1. NASCAR has insulted every fan. and ENOUGH is ENOUGH! NASCAR **** against white fans.
    R.I.P. never again.

  2. David Campbell

    We the fans didn’t leave NASCAR…. NASCAR deserted us.
    How can you eliminate the things that made the sport interesting and competitive, then insult your entire fan base and expect to survive?

  3. As a NASCAR fan since the early 70s (first trip to the track was the 1974 Firecracker), it has broken my heart to see what these woke clowns have done to our beloved sport. I try and imagine what the (few) guys left think about this junk they call NASCAR today. What does the Allisons or Red Farmer or Cale think of this garbage that is described as racing? NASCAR hasn’t gotten any of our THOUSANDS of dollars (per year) for several years now. And they never will again. RIP NASCAR!

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