Kyle Busch lashes out

Kyle Busch lashes out angrily on the radio during Talladega race

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Kyle Busch was not happy with his crew for not believing that his car had some issues during the race at Talladega Superspeedway.

StarCom Racing’s Quin Houff’ car touched Kyle’s car during a pit stop. While Kyle explained to this crew that there could be some issues, his team assured him that there s nothing to worry about.

Due to the incident at the pit stop, Kyle could not race with the same momentum again and he had to make the pit stop again to fix the issues. For someone who was running to win the race, Kyle finished disappointingly in a low 32nd position.

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In a video released by FOX: NASCAR, Kyle is heard to be lashing out on his crew members.

He said: “Is it going to rub? I think I smell it”

To which his crew head replied, “I saw an air gap between you and him the whole time”.

Then, Kyle said: “We definitely touched”.

After facing issues again in the race, Kyle said: “I f*****g told you guys. You f*****g listen to me every time I say I smell it”.

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