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Joey Logano sends powerful message after finding out the news about the noose in Wallace’s garage

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Joey Logano said that he is “so mad and angry” after finding out that someone put a noose in Bubba Wallace’s garage and said the doer to fix their heart.

Logano said that he woke up to the news that someone put a noose in Wallace’s garage and he was very angry at the news. He sent a message through a twitter post explaining the doer to fix their heart and to choose love.

He said:

I cannot believe the hate that someone can have in their heart to just put a device that kills people in someone garage because of the colour of his skin or what he stands for. Fix your heart man.

How in the world can there that much hate in your life something like that you are willing to do something like that.

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Furthermore, Logano asked the doer to fix put their own political ideologies aside and choose love under any circumstances.

Put politics aside, put everything else aside, choose love, that’s what this is about. Choose love for people no matter what.

No baby is born racist, it’s taught.

Fix your heart.

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