NASCAR confederate flag ban

What will NASCAR do to ensure that ban of the Confederate flag is carried out appropriately?

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NASCAR took the historic step of announcing the ban of the Confederate flags from the race tracks. Here’s how they will carry out the action. 

While NASCAR announced the ban of the Confederate flag a couple of weeks ago, they did so when the race tracks didn’t feature any spectators. With NASCAR’s plan to bring back spectators in the race tracks, we will see out how the fans will really react to the ban and how NASCAR will cope with the ban. Today’s race at Talladega Superspeedway is set to allow 5,000 spectators.

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According to a tweet from Sports Business Journal’s reporter Adam Stern, “Clothing that is primarily based on the Confederate flag symbol is now banned under NASCAR’s new policy”,

His tweet further added: “NASCAR will enforce the flag policy the same way it does with other prohibited items (like fireworks) — with security sweeps and, if necessary, intervention”.

Only time will tell about the effectiveness of NASCAR’s methods to keep the Confederate flag and any symbol associated with the Confederate sign away from the race tracks.

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