NASCAR fans back in the race tracks

Kyle Busch admits to badly missing fans in the race tracks

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NASCAR has successfully reinstated the series since the outbreak of the pandemic, albeit without, initially, or with limited fans in the race tracks. 

NASCAR has already organized eight Cup Series races since its resumption. Furthermore, it is making small steps towards brings fans back into the race tracks. The race at Homestead-Miami allowed 1,000 spectators in the race tracks and Sunday’s race at Talladega Superspeedway will allow 5,000 spectators.

Also, NASCAR is planning to allow up to 30,000 race fans in the stands for the All-Star Race on July 15.

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Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Bush said that the races have not been the same without the fans and their energy in the race tracks.

“This challenge of all this newness has really put a rethinking into how you approach all the races. The energy and the vibe that isn’t there pre-race from our race fans … that’s something that’s been tough. You have to block that out, because we are all missing that. That’s been one of the toughest parts, its that we miss our race fans.”

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