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NASCAR to Change Drivers’ Racing Numbers Position

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There were reports of NASCAR possibly changing the driver numbers’ positions on their cars. However, the organization is set to use the All-Star event at Bristol Motor Speedway on July 15 as try-out.

The number will be shown near the real wheels unlike the traditional position of showing number son the car doors. The change is to provide more space to show sponsorship texts on the side of the car.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps shed light on the experimented change while speaking to host Mike Bagley of Motor Racing Network’s Crew Call:

“I think the All-Star (Race) historically has been an opportunity for us to test things, and I think that’s exactly what we’re doing with this. Teams have asked us to take a look at this, provide some additional visibility for sponsors, so that’s what we’ll test.”

“We’ll evaluate it. Is it the right thing to do? Is it not the right thing to do? I know some folks that came out and said ‘this is not for me, I don’t like it,’ so we’ll take that all under consideration and as we move past the All-Star (Race) we’ll see what it looks like moving forward.

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Phelps also explained that the change is not only to increase the visibility of sponsors but also to know the views of traditional fans.

“I think not in every instance, but there are instances where you actually can do both. I don’t think you have to have the two at odds with each other. Sometimes that’s going to happen, but for us, we’ve talked about hearing from the core fans and we do.

“We want to hear from the core fans and what they think, traditional fans. There are certain things we want to try out or we believe is in the best interest in the sport after collaborating with the industry and saying this is something we should test. This is one of those opportunities.

“I don’t know if it appeals to a newer fan vs. a fan for 40 years, the changes in the paint schemes. But again, it’s one race, the All-Star Race, what better time to test it?”

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3 thoughts on “NASCAR to Change Drivers’ Racing Numbers Position”

  1. Walter Penley

    You have made enough changes this month. Leave it alone and get back to racing. You have alienated your hardcore race fans enough. Racing was one sport you used to be able to enjoy without politics but you have succeeded in ruining that. What fans you had left are leaving and the ones you are trying to cater to are not going to support Nascar like those that got Nascar where it WAS a few years ago. These young drivers may need to have a backup career plan. Leave it alone and stay out of politics.

  2. Basically they’re trying to entice sponsorship. Attendence is down and probably will get worse leading to big sponsorship bailing too
    I wonder if Corporate funding and sponsorship will be enough to keep it alive after the stands are more empty.
    I may be wrong but it looks to me that the only track that has literally a full house the last few years has been Darlington. Now they’re replacing Dover with Nashville because of attendance. Of course, NASCAR will have their own explanation.

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