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What we know about Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr.’s views on Confederate flag

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NASCAR decided to ban the Confederate flags from the race tracks. Here we take a look at the stances Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr. had regarding the flag in the past.

According to Dale Earnhardt’s daughter Kelley Earnhardt Miller, her dad was not in favour of the Confederate flag. According to her, Earnhardt was conscious that the flag might bring discomfort to African-American people. She said:

“He didn’t want to offend anybody or make anybody mad in that manner. He had a good heart.”

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Dale Jr. was one of the drivers who were asked by Yahoo Sports about their views on the Confederate flags back in 2006.

“We live in a country where you can speak freely and do as you may. I don’t know (if) what that flag stands for is the same for me as it is the guy who might have it flying out there.

“I am not going to agree with everything everybody does all my life. So I don’t have any control over it.”

Both the dad and son were adamant about the negative impact that the Confederate flags might have on people and even many of their fans.

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6 thoughts on “What we know about Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr.’s views on Confederate flag”

  1. Don’t know where u get your information on senior never heard him nake that statement or any statement regarding the Confederate flag. As far as I can remember this was always a southern sport its ashame how it is too destroy it not that it makes a difference u have lost me as I fan.

    1. Dale didnt give a *** what color a man was. He was on dales track and dale wanted to beat anyone on his track. All this **** has gotten way out of hand.

  2. Rowdy Cannafay

    Knowing Jr. and Sr. and Jr.’s mother, I can believe there stance was to leave well enough alone. Allowing each fan to have their own opinion and to not exhibit one of their own in anyway.
    That’s being respectful and compassionate.

  3. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, I personally don’t care either way but if a person feels strongly that this is part of their heritage then they should be able to celebrate it. If a person feels strongly that this represents something they should be able to protest it. But in the end it’s part of our history and to ban it is wrong. If we ban everything that someone finds offensive, we will soon ban everything.

  4. I knew Dale Earnhart personally and he bought hay from me and I worked with him when we were teenagers. He was just like most and did not want to hurt anybody,but to say he was adamant that the flag. this is just Nascar bull trying to save their sport.

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