Bubba Wallace confederate flag ban

Bubba Wallace responds to Ray Ciccarelli’s comments

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Bubba Wallace responded to Ray Ciccarelli’s comments regarding the Confederate flag ban by saying that Ciccarelli’s opinion “doesn’t really matter”. 

Ray Ciccarelli made headlines when he said that he would quit racing citing NASCAR’s ban of the Confederate flag as his reason.

On the opposite pole of Ciccarelli is Wallace whose initiate brought about the ban. While the decision by NASCAR has received support from everywhere, such one driver’s opinion “doesn’t really count”, says Wallace.

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Speaking to MSNBC, Wallace said:

“I’ve only seen one driver, and I wouldn’t really call him a competitor. I haven’t really seen him much on the track.

“The guys I’m racing with, my peers, they’re supportive of NASCAR and supportive of my stance on everything and that means a lot.

“One driver I haven’t heard much about in years doesn’t really count, doesn’t really matter.”

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19 thoughts on “Bubba Wallace responds to Ray Ciccarelli’s comments”

  1. I dont support NASCAR anymore because the entire organization has become *****. The Confederate flag is the Souths’ identity, just like an African flag is the African’ identity. Kneeling during the National Anthem is protesting the flag.

  2. Bubba needs to leave it was based go play in NFL like all ur people does anyways Ban prayer and the national anthem leave You all are the problem of America

  3. I’m done with Nascar. This has gone too far. Dirt track racing is all the thing has now and that’s quite alright. Kyle Larson is a racecar driver and a damn good one. So let’s go dirt tracking.

  4. Not interested in flags and statues just racing and you have ruined it for me.If you where any kind of race car driver you would show it on the track bubba gump instead of whining about a historical flag.Grow up Wallace

  5. Just like a left wing *****, the only opinion that counts is his. Just a small picture of everything that is wrong today. And to add I really don’t give a damn about the Confederate flag one way or another I don’t like that only one mans opinion is all that counts.

  6. I stand with Mr. Ciccarelli, nascar drivers cant give there true feelings for fear of being called *. You need to grow up. Banning the Confederate flag, Confederate statues, or plaques isnt going to stop hatred an **** . It’s a heart problem. Only GOD can change the heart.

  7. Everyone’s opinion counts! That’s what America is all about! If you don’t like his opinion, Bubba, don’t listen. You have that right!

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