“It Was a Brilliant Move by NASCAR” - Former Driver complements Ban of Confederate Flag

“It Was a Brilliant Move by NASCAR” – Former Driver complements Ban of Confederate Flag

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Ex NASCAR driver Willy T. Ribbs has a message for NASCAR after the association came to a decision to ban the ‘Confederate flag’ at its events. Willy was the first African American driver to compete in the Indianapolis 500.

Back In 1991, Willy T. Ribbs became the first African American driver to participate in the Indy 500. also, he has competed in races across NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, and the Trans-Am Series.

Ribbs was speaking with Autoweek about the recent events. He stated, “Now that NASCAR has taken a step. They better keep on stepping. This ride that we’re on now is not going to be over for a while.”. After that, he revealed that NASCAR wasn’t interested in him when he used to drive.

commenting on the flag ban, he stated, “It was a reactive move. It wasn’t proactive. But it was a brilliant PR move on their part. It was absolutely brilliant. They could teach the NFL something about that. Now, they’re going to have to show they mean it.”

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He thinks that NASCAR gave Bubba the signal to lead the protest he stated below:

Drivers don’t tell NASCAR what to do. Drivers and owners don’t make rules for NASCAR. They just sent him out there as a frontman.”

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He spoke about Lewis Hamilton’s stand in support of the ongoing protests he stated:

“It seems like Lewis Hamilton kicked it off by taking a stand for humanity,” Ribbs said. “However, where was everyone in racing when Colin Kaepernick was kneeling? If George Floyd were still alive, would that Confederate flag still be flying?”

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2 thoughts on ““It Was a Brilliant Move by NASCAR” – Former Driver complements Ban of Confederate Flag”

  1. Julie Shadrick

    NASCAR has been dying a slow death for the last few years! They have long forgotten their roots! It’s not about ******, it’s about heritage! They have added themselves to the long list of panderers! They have now lost a lot more fans! They can now try to live with it!

    1. They are a dying show. When Dale Earnhardt died, NASCAR DIED. Dale Jr. breathe fresh air into the sport, but sad to say even Jr. can’t save NASCAR now. You took free speech, you want top money for those tickets and then you tell the fan how they choose to celebrate? Wait for the attendance records!!

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