private tracks to ban confederate flags

Private tracks to allow confederate flag after NASCAR ban?

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While NASCAR may have banned the confederate flags into the racing tracks, private tracks are in no obligation to do so. 

According to the Joe Gentry, owner of 4-17 Southern Speedway in Punta Gorda, they have not been using any form of confederate symbols in their track (through NBC2 News):

“This is a family-run business. We try to make it a place that is adaptable for all races and ages and we don’t discriminate against anyone.”

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Gentry said that the flags are seen rarely on the track through the drivers or the fans. However, he does not feel the need to make an official ban of such flags on the race tracks as long as people act in a peaceful way.

“As long as our clients and customers that come in here to watch the races are being respectful of each other and respectful of the parties around them and it’s nothing offensive, I don’t personally have a problem with it.”

Gentry’s response comes in wake of NASCAR banning confederate flags, which are regarded as a symbol of racism.  from the race tracks.

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3 thoughts on “Private tracks to allow confederate flag after NASCAR ban?”

  1. Jpnes

    Most of NASCAR races are in the south have NASCAR go out west and no race in the south.I can’t believe the first black driver wants to erase history

    1. Mark Breedlove

      It’s because of one person that we are going to do away with southern heritage. Bubba Wallace is a little candy *** snow flake. As far as I’m concerned he’s being ****** against me. I’m part Native American, dutch and white. I thought he was a pretty decent guy until all this crap.

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