NASCAR team withdraws from Sunday's race at Homestead

NASCAR team withdraws from Sunday’s race at Homestead-Miami Speedway

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Reed Sorenson of Tommy Baldwin Racing will not be competing in the Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway as the team decided to withdraw their entry for the race.

This means that the Homestead-Miami race will have a 38-car field instead of 39. The withdrawal comes after the lineup for the Sunday’s race was determined through a random draw.

Their #7 Chevrolet was supposed to be driver by Reed Sorenson. He was supposed to start in the 39th place as his team ranked as the lowest among the three open teams.

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Sorenson has competed in seven races for the season, which includes two for Tommy Baldwin Racing.

It was only in the 2020 Cup Series that Tommy Baldwin Racing returned to the Cup Series, with their first start coming in Darlington Raceway. It was the first start since 2017 season for them.

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22 thoughts on “NASCAR team withdraws from Sunday’s race at Homestead-Miami Speedway”

    1. They withdrew from the race cause the random draw had them starting at the very rear of the 39 car field

  1. I think everyone should look up the real meaning behind the Confederate flag you all may be surprised

    1. Totally agree Ann, but know one wants to read the real history of it, they just want to assume it stands for something horrible.

  2. Why are some of you trying to tie this to the flag issue? They are in the last place in points, were to start 39th, and are a very underfunded team. It was more than likely a financial decision knowing they can’t afford to run all the races they are just choosing the races where they have the best chances and the ones that pay the most because they can’t afford to risk their equipment on races that don’t pay out much.

    1. Brian Simpson

      Probably out of money, Tommy is from Long Island NY, he doesn’t give a **** about the flag

  3. Mostly likely because they are a small team and after racing on Wednesday didn’t have the employees to get a car to Fl in stone for Sunday. Just my guess.

  4. I thought this is a free country so if you can drive a car that said BLM then I should be able to fly my flag.

    1. No, you have such freedoms on your trailer park house and property. NASCAR is a business, they own the rights to the track and make the rules. You can’t go into Walmart naked and say it’s freedom of speech.

    2. If you want to know the truth NASCAR is not what it use to be first the start the sprint chase
      Then they do this run so run some laps take a break then run some more laps then finish the race
      Who the hell comes up with this crap but do away with all this and run the race from start to finish
      And go back to the old points like it was the first race to the last race who comes up with all this crap

  5. Nascar isn’t close to what it used to be, between your cookie cutter cars and all your political correctness, you will never see full stands again. Guaranteed within 5 years Nascar filed for bankruptcy. A Confederate flag has nothing to do with racism or slaves. It was the flag of the southern 13 colonies during the civil war.
    But good luck Nascar, while you are looking out at empty seats I will be watching hometown racing like it should be. I would love to see the King, Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, David Person and all the other guys that made Nascar because I know they are laughing or maybe even crying knowing how you ruined a good thing.

  6. Been going to Nascar since 1989, am a season ticket holder at PIR. I will no longer support or watch Nascar.

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