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Clint Bowyer on the possibility of moving to the broadcast booth after retiring

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Stewart-Haas Racing driver Clint Bowyer kept open the possibility of moving to NASCAR broadcast booth after he retires from full-time racing. 

As Bowyer has already worked with the FOX booth and also a reporter during the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series races, there are rumours that the 10-time Cup Series race winner could advance his career in the broadcast booth after his racing career is up.

Speaking to Beyond The Flag, Bowyer explained that the work comes naturally to him and he is open to the idea of working at the booth.

“I don’t know. For me to decide, I mean obviously I love doing it; it’s fun, it’s easy, it just comes natural. Let me get this straight, you want us to talk about racing…with other racers? Literally that’s what we do for a living, that’s what we do for a life.”

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Booth shed light on his previous works on the booth and that “he might try it” again in the future.

“I appreciate it, I appreciate the opportunity, it was fun, it teaches you a lot about both aspects of the industry, and you have to be good at both, so for that matter, I enjoyed it. But honestly, that’s not for me to decide. If fans liked it, I might try it. More importantly, if FOX liked it or some broadcast partner liked it, I would try it, but certainly not for me to decide.”

However, Bowyer is not yet done with Cup racing at the moment.

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  1. Maryjean Nelson

    I love Clint in the booth.He is fun to listen too.He know the good stuff about racing.Hope he takes the opportunity to do so.

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