Driver quits NASCAR after the banning of the Confederate flag

Driver quits NASCAR after the banning of the Confederate flag

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NASCAR driver Ray Ciccarelli made public the end of his Truck Series career with a fuming Facebook post on Wednesday just minutes after NASCAR banned Confederate flags from all future racing events.


Ray Ciccarelli, 50-y-o driver, has raced in over 17 Truck Series races over the past four seasons, however none so far in 2020. He has only in the top 10 finish to his name — a No. 9 placing at the Michigan International Speedway in 2019.

“Well its been a fun ride and dream come true but if this is the direction Nascar is headed we will not participate after the 2020 season is over,” Ciccarelli announced in a Facebook post (all misspellings are his own).

Ray Ciccarelli set to launch own Truck Series team, serve as an ...

“I don’t believe in kneeling during Anthem nor taken ppl right to fly whatever flag they love.

“I could care less about the Confederate Flag but there are ppl that do and it doesn’t make them a racist all you are doing is —-k one group to cater to another.”

NASCAR & Trump in disagreement over the place for symbols of America’s racist past

Ciccarelli went on to denounce what he state was the insertion of “political BS” in the NASCAR hierarchy, a sport that traditionally conservative its foundation.



NASCAR Anti Pollution Face Mask

NASCAR President Steve Phelps addressed all drivers before last Sunday’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway and vowed to do a better job of addressing racial injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

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110 thoughts on “Driver quits NASCAR after the banning of the Confederate flag”

      1. Sorry nascar’ve lost your roots and your future is doomed . … 60 year fan , I’m done with you , Dale just roled over in his grave !!

  1. Barb Carpenter

    Everyone has their right to believe in what they want. This man made his choice. The world will only get crazier and I wish him luck.

    1. I full heartedly agree. Nascar has been a southern started sport. I won’t be watching or paying money to go see a race

      1. Charles Stanfield

        I quit following NASCAR when they came up with an stupid idea on how their Champion would be selected. Then they went farther by running the race in segments., ruining pit stop competition. Now this, goodbye Nascar.

  2. Both of my grandfathers my daddy and all my friends we are though wit NASCAR Bill France st and all the drivers that started NASCAR are probably rolling over in there grave .Nascar call it’s fan base ****** because of there southern Heritage. Then throw blm in our face we are not ****** you are and you ruined something great and NASCAR will pay the price..

    1. Heritage of losing and then quitting? Seems like Ciccarelli is following right along with the spirit of the Confederacy.

    2. Confederate flag is not about race it’s about history nascar has lost a fan of twenty years today

      1. I agree people have the right to fly what ever flag they want. NASCAR is so stupid gonna lose a lot of fans over this.

    3. Exactly! My grandfathers, father and uncles fought in those wars. And I am Proud to Say I am a Southern. But NEVER have I been unfair

  3. NASCAR is digging it’s own grave with this decision, turning it’s back on it’s legion of dedicated fans who have been there for the organization through thick and thin for decades. I understand why some are opposed to the flag, but shouldn’t they too understand that for many that flag stands for southern pride and not for the things some hate groups have co-opted it’s use for? What will NASCAR say when BLM or some other group demands the removal of the AMERICAN flag, for after all, slavery was alive and well in the USA under that flag for many more years than it ever was under the Confederate flag? It may not happen this week or this year, but it will happen some day, and what will they say then?

    1. A sign of the times. What spineless corporate America fears the most, is the fractional groups. In this situation I fear NASCAR has overlooked that their stance is a very, very sharp double edged sword.

    2. Crystal Bridgeman

      JUST RACE!!!!!!! NASCAR was the one place that people could be themselves. Won’t support NASCAR if they continue this direction. JUST RACE!!!!!!!

    1. If you want change, it starts with YOU. The world cannot change if you don’t make an effort.

  4. he is correct NASCAR is so messed up as it is they didnt need this I watched my last race. wont be hard at all and I raced 35 yrs NASCAR is so boring anyway.

  5. First off I am not a biased…I turned the TV on last night to watch the race at Martinsville and heard the announcement about the Confederate flag…I then proceeded to shut the TV off and I doubt I ever watch another race again…Shame on you NASCAR for throwing your roots in the trash…

    1. Thomas C. Cogsdell Sr.

      I’m with the majority here. I don’t have a Dog in this race, so it won’t be hard for me to boycott Nascar. They really lost me after Dale Senior died.

  6. Ernest Boeglin

    I agree with a lot of the state is being said and I have another one I’m 73 and I’ve been around ask her for a long time I’m done

  7. Randy Heckard

    I have been a lifelong NASCAR fan. I have been gradually pulling back since the start of the playoffs. I am also tired of the rules package.

  8. Billy(Screw Nascar) Newton

    Been getting further away from this so called sport because of changes in the past

  9. Nascar is going to take then be totally fair, I do not agree with banning a flag that is about heritage.

  10. Theresa Hankins

    In case they haven’t figured it out yet…really bad, poor judgement on NASCAR ‘s part.

  11. Richard Bowman

    NASCAR proved their dedication over the past few weeks by sponsoring race after race with no fans in the stands. The Confederate Battle Flag has been a thorn in the corporate leadership for years. NASCAR has no loyalty to the fans.

  12. So if people ride around the tracks flying the flag to show support of it on race day is that forbidden to ?

  13. Michael Smith

    Finally someone has the courage and guts to stand up for what is right. United States of America is not made for us to all agree on everything

  14. I have always been a Petty supporter because he is a legend. He has the only African American driver in the sport and I have supported him for that.

  15. It’s a flag from the PAST you can’t change the past everyone needs to work on present an future the flag has different meanings to different people

  16. Anna Irizarri

    I stand behind NASCAR! I think it’s a move in the right direction. They have been losing fans for a long time and I think doing this will help get people back into the sport. I loved the #blacklivesmatter car in last nights race driven by Bubba! Go NASCAR!

  17. Couldn’t fill the stands for several years now… get used to the fans you have in the stands right now… it’s going to look familiar even when we are able to come back. And all the masks at the races right now… hasn’t everybody been screened twice before entering the track??? Grow a set new NASCAR…

  18. Marshall Stone

    Im done with NASCAR. This decision is just one of many reasons Ive quit following them. Just wait till they try to enforce the Confederate flag ban at Talladega. Thats gonna be funny.

  19. It seems we have one driver that is making the rules for everyone. Like someone else said, what if next he decides that he doesn’t like the American flag, will NASCAR give in to that also?



  21. NASCAR, you just hit yourself in the foot. I have not agreed with the direction the sport has taken since 2001. And with this most recent statement, you have lost ANY respect and support that I have had.

  22. I love Nascar but I don’t agree with this decision concerning the Confederate Flag. Nascar needs to stand up for AMERICA!

  23. I will not go to any event sports or other that does not let you fly a flag you want. Someone in my family fought for that flag at one time and you all are trying to change history.

  24. I’m done with Nascar. I grew up going to the tracks with my dad. Grew up in hueytown with the Alabama gang. Nascar has changed alot over the years. Some good some bad. But this after all the money they have made off the very people they are now turning away.

  25. Your all are right but this is just the beginning because enough is a enough this is small group’s what in till the Patriots start standing up for their rights and will put this down to where it belongs it’s all leftist political takeover and it’s going to take the American people for justice and keep our Constitution and our Bill of rights so it’s getting very close to the time that all Americans and’s who believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights to stand up and let their voices be heard God bless America ??and I hope NASCAR can lives on as it has from the start of the NASCAR series being NASCAR and it Roots?god bless America ????????????????????????USA ??
    P.S. we can let are Voice is heard at election time and vote them all out and start over and get rid of this democratic socialist party has been taken our country down for many many years now it is the time to stand for you to push that button AND VOTE IT IS YOUR !!? God given right as being an American’!!!!??

    1. Just my opinion : if we going to change our history and let the dems and Omar , aoc take over this country we the people are the mislead this young generation has a lot to learn maybe if there parents stop keeping them up they would have to work for a living and get their minds off bs maybe nascar will go under

  26. Remember when NASCAR used to parade Jonny Reb around on a car at the Southern 500 while he has carrying the “Confederate Flag”? I’m of the belief that a tiger doesn’t change its stripes. These people are pretty unfair. NASCAR is a governing body for a sport, that’s where it should remain.

  27. I understand that one fan leaving will not hurt the sport, but I’ve had enough of this. As far as I’m concerned nascar is finished here. I will not watch it or go to anymore races.

  28. Since you were so quick to point out that all mis-spellings were his own then I feel I must point out all grammar mistakes and missed numbers are yours!

  29. True. NASCAR HAS messed up this Time. Lots of drivers will be quiting. Nothing wrong with the Confederate flag.

  30. The flag that brought all the ****** to us was the stars & stripes ships were from New York, Boston, and Philadelphia-the so called Confederate flag did not even exist

  31. I think it is a joke I guess no more nascar for me
    Like my thoughts really matter to them they only care about one certain group. That flag is part of history has nothing to do with ******. Why do we have to pay for something that happened hundred of yrs ago. Wake up nascar.

  32. Mike Rayfield

    One second rate driver request the Confederate Flag be taken down what about the Southern 500 Nascar has gone to hell in a hand basket I’m done with this mess

  33. Fans of Nascar should not allow this to happen you know what stop going Nascar let justice do it’s process and stop punishing your fans after all they the fans take care of you.

  34. Exactly! My grandfathers, father and uncles fought in those wars. And I am Proud to Say I am a Southern. But NEVER have I been unfair

  35. I’m not a racing fan as I prefer real sports but I applaud NASCAR for doing the right thing, despite what backlash may come their way as a result. It is something that should have happened years ago.

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