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The battle between Chase Elliott and Kyle Busch continues in the Truck Series

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Chase Elliott and Kyle Busch could be very good friends in real life, but their duel between these two races on track is not stopping anytime soon. Yesterday’s Truck Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway was another, albeit minor, episode of their ongoing on-track battle.

Elliott broke Busch’s streak of seven wins, whenever he started, in a row for the Truck series in the series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 27. He even collected the “bounty” placed by Kevin Harvick and Marcus Lemonis, for the full-time racer who would beat Busch in the Truck Series.

Chase Elliott made the most of the situation by mocking Kyle Busch with his trademark celebration. Prior in the Cup Series, Elliott flipped the middle finger to Busch for taking him out on Toyota 500 race at the Darlington Raceway.

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Both of these Cup drivers decided to participate in the Truck Series race, at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, on June 6. Busch was quite dominant in the race for a long period of time. He won the first two stages and almost proved that the loss against Elliott in the last race was just a blip.

Elliott, on the other hand, was giving him a run for the money. He finished 2nd in the first stage. The race was won by Grant Enfinger.

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Busch was penalized twice for speeding on the pit lane and he hit the wall while trying to overtake Jordan Anderson. For the speeding, he was dropped to 29th place with 25 laps remaining.

Elliott was running on third with three laps remaining when his car spun out. He finished 21st and Busch 22nd.

So, in this case, nobody got one over the other.  But with the on-field rivalry that is going on between Elliott and Busch, it certainly creates much more anticipation among fans as to how the next race on the Cup Series or, even more, the next Truck series with both of them starting turn out to be.


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