NASCAR to be "the first major sport with fans back in attendance"

NASCAR to be “the first major sport with fans back in attendance”

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Marcus Smith, president of Speedway Motorsports, has made a bold assertion that NASCAR will be the first major sport to allow fans to attend the races.

NASCAR has successfully resumed racing after a hiatus forced by the coronavirus pandemic. So far, five races in the Cup Series have been organized. But one questions still looms on every fans head; When will fans be allowed to attend NASCAR races?

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Due to the uncertainty created by the pandemic, NASCAR cannot specifically point out the exact date of the return of the fans. But there has been optimism that it will happen sooner than later. Smith went on to even assert that it will be NASCAR, among major sports, who will first bring fans back in the stands. He said:

I think that NASCAR will be the first major sport with fans back in attendance, and I think it will be in a place where one, the state regulations allow it, and two, where the large outdoor facility gives an opportunity to provide plenty of space, plenty of distance and plenty of areas for people to still have fun but be in a safe environment.


NASCAR Anti Pollution Face Mask

It is sure for now that fans will not be returning for races until June 21. And even if fans are allowed to the stands, it won’t feature a full capacity crowd. Smith said that the percentage of the fans to be allowed in the stands will change depending on the regulations of the different states.

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44 thoughts on “NASCAR to be “the first major sport with fans back in attendance””

    1. Glad to hear it! About time we get rolling with fans in stands in sports!! It can be done. Social distancing can be done! I realize not a full arena but it’s a start!!

      1. Sad to lose Richmond Raceway’s Spring Race. Keep it in mind if other states tracks fall through. Love attending this event in Richmond!

          1. Would like to know if Richmond in September 2020 fall will be opened to full capacity of fans if so I would buy tickets?

    1. Nicole Vroman

      I go to poconos every year with my dad and his gf just said they announced no fans ☹️

    2. We were advised by our ticket broker that Pocono won’t be hosting fans at all this year. ? Thought I would let you know. We had tickets for June 27th and aren’t able to attend.

  1. Marybeth Meyer

    Well if people can walk miles crowded together doing their “protest marches”.. hootin and hollerin’ with no social distancing.. having fans in the stands for NASCAR should be a piece of cake!

  2. NASCAR is hurting bad enough compared to years past , they need to open up and let the fans back in ! CV was just a scam to get Trump out anyway !

    1. When they stop green white checkered finishes and way to many caution laps and get back car racing I’ll watch and go

    2. Covid-19 is real and is something to fear and be cautious about….But…I think they could do the 6ft spacing seating and Nascar would be safe now as long as masks where worn and people respected the rules…. it’s the rule breakers who ruin it for everyone, always… in every situation or emergency…

  3. Darlington has been a sellout on Labor Day weekend. Who is goig to get a ticket and who isn’t???

  4. They ought to start letting fans in the stands at the Nascar Race’s because they ain’t doing anything about the protesters on the street not being 6 feet apart so you know they are going to spread the Covid-19 Virus around the the U.S.A.

  5. We had tickets for Michigan in June and that got shut down we was hoping to be able to go to Indy and it being a big track I would have thought for sure that they would have done at least half capacity of not more but now I’ve heard that that’s shut down too we are trying to go to Michigan in August weather that happens or not we have no idea we’re wanting to go to Talladega it’s just a waiting game now I think this is getting to be a little bit out of hand and I don’t know what Nascar is going to do about getting us back in those seats

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