Kyle Larson NASCAR suspended

Kyle Larson hoping to have “another opportunity” in NASCAR racing someday

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Suspended by NASCAR, Kyle Larson hopes that he will be able to have “another opportunity” at racing in the NASCAR Cup Series again.

Kyle Larson has been suspended indefinitely by NASCAR for his use of a racial slur in an iRacing event. He is very thankful to the World of Outlaws, who let him race in their events after passing the sensitivity test. He even won the race at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55.

Larson expressed his thankfulness to them for supporting him. Speaking to Outlaws PR staff, he said:

I love racing with the World of Outlaws. They’ve stuck behind me, too, throughout this. That means a lot. I always want to support them, especially with them sticking behind me.

I can’t wait to get my journey started and see where my future goes.

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While Larson is glad to be racing right now, he still wishes to be back racing for the NASCAR Cup Series again.

I’m just happy to be racing race cars right now. It’s been weird watching the NASCAR stuff on TV, but I also hope that I’ll still be able to have another opportunity to race in Cup someday, so taking this time to watch and still study and stay relevant in my own mind. That way whenever an opportunity comes up, I’ll be ready to take full advantage of that opportunity and do a good job.

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42 thoughts on “Kyle Larson hoping to have “another opportunity” in NASCAR racing someday”

    1. Cindy J. Livengood

      I believe that he deserves another chance. I also think he has learned a lesson from all of this. He’s a great driver. NASCAR should give him a probationary period and allowed to drive in an x amount of races, and if all goes well he should be allowed to back full time.

      1. Paul Anderson

        Kyle is young and young people make mistakes. Some more than others. So it’s sad that a young man must learn the hard way but I believe in second chances and this situation is a prime example of that. I’m sure down deep that he’s remorseful and will use this as a stepping stone to a great adult life. Re-hire Kyle Larson!!!!!

        1. Wilbert Connelly

          Give the kid another chance Nascar he has been very remorsefore no bigger mistake than other he’s done what you asked of him

    2. Everybody makes mistakes. We’re human! It’s called forgiveness and second chances. It wasn’t directed to anyone personally, it was said in the heat of the moment. I believe he will learn from this unfortunate roadblock in his life.

    3. Milton LeBlanc

      Come on NASCAR! This a man’s career and future. So he hurt some feelings and apologized! Punishment shouldn’t be a man’s life for what he did! Give it a break.

    4. I feel Kyle Larson deserves to be in cup series, I believe his punishment was taken way out of control, I am pulling for him. God forgives us what makes nascar better and unforgiven?

    1. Robert Edwards

      Nascar needs to forgive a slip of the tongue and take back such a great talent.
      A family man who has shown remorse and made what was an obvious sincere

  1. Richard Pacheco

    His one of the best drivers in NASCAR. We all do mistakes, I hope someone picks him up.

    1. i belive he made a mistake and just like all of us who make mistake so give him a chance to prove he can do better

      1. I think Nascar should allow him to be eligible to race in cup again. It’s going to take a while before a sponsor will accept him anyway. I could see SHR taking him with a HAAS sponsorship but that wouldn’t be until 2021

      2. Morgan Norris

        Way to many thin skinned people in this world today the man made a mistake get over it ok he apologized n did what was asked let him back in if NASCAR is all high n mighty tell me why Kyle bush gets away with half the cussing on air huh n being a very baby jerk in interviews when he don’t win or crashed out n blames it on anyone naer him huh

        1. He is young and he made a mistake, Haven’t we all? What did Jesus say? Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone. We all mess up everyday. God wants us to forgive and forget. Give the kid another chance had let him go racing


    LARSON Deserves to be back in a cup car with NASCAR ASAP! I do not believe that was any ill intent on his part and that he does feel remorseful for what has happened because YES those words did come out of his mouth! Time served and we should all him back in a NASCAR CUP RIDE!

    1. Lloyd Danklefsen

      Kyle deserves to be in a car right now .we all make mistakes in our life and learn from them.Nascar get off you high horse and get him back in a good ride.

  3. Sarah T Davis

    Nascar has stated that Larson has not applied for reinstatement. The big issue is if he does apply and is reinstated, he has no ride. Nascar isn’t keeping him out of the sport. He has to have a ride and sponsors willing to back him. It is going to be hard for him to get a ride with a top tier team and major sponsors with what he said.

      1. Suzanne Buckingham

        Sponsors are hard to find right now in NASCAR. Nobody will pick him up until he can get a sponsor. No company in their right mind will sign on for him right now. Too soon and too many other untarnished drivers needing sponsors. It will take time. Maybe next season, but may take longer. It’s about money. Not whether he’s been forgiven yet.

  4. Hey.. NASCAR….
    Remember… WENDELL SCOTT.. !?!?.. HELLO..!!!!
    That’s what I thought..!!!!

  5. I personally love watching him race the high line. He’s a very talented driver. Give the young guy another chance. Someone said the 48 car would be a good thing.?+!


      NASCAR may let him race again but what company will sponsor him? With what’s been going on in the country recently, no sponsor wants to have anything to do with someone like him, whether that’s fair or not.

    2. Larson should be told when ,he can come back to nascar ,that man can drive .He needs a real good team to pick him up like car 48 ,or even one Tony Stewart’s cars for next year .a lot of drivers have said things they should not have over the years and nothing like this has happened

  6. I think nascar and everyone else should just forget about the word and let Kyle come back to racing. It is not as bad as a black driver quitting one of those stupid IRacing **** they had on.

  7. Kyle Larson is a wonderful driver. he needs another chance i am sure he is not the only driver who has made some mistakes give him a chance to show you . i dont watch the races any more i wish all the people that like him would quit watching untill he can go back.

  8. Holiday Colley

    nascar give Larson a chance racing is his life and I am sure he is sorry for what he said maybe Hendrix racing will give him a chance replacing jimmy Johnson next year please.

  9. Rick Schanke

    NASCAR is motivated by money! They don’t care about what the fans want! They only care about keeping their big money sponsors happy. We should boycott NASCAR and the sponsors that did not stand behind Larson when he needed their support. Give the fans what they want and Bring Larson Back!!

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